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As the majority of the Russian people, I can’t imagine my life without 4-5 cups of tea a day, and no kettle even more. My old ceramic, tumbled and crashed and I had to buy a new one.Got, to become, in the last six months favorite website Aliexpress, and began to examine its contents, they foundthat Russian, as it turned out later – Delta Lux DL-1236. It cost the ruble 1791, quite a nice price for a ceramic product.

To my infinite joy, found that it can deliver from the Russian warehouse. From the day of order to receiving it in postulate, it took about 5 days.

Shipping turned free, but you could figure out the issue with the packaging or at least with a handle of Scotch.

Have the factory packaging, by the way, this pen was, and quite sturdy, made of plastic, but for some reason, sealed with tape. So I had to go to the store and buy a big package.

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    The volume of the kettle, in my opinion, average is 1.5 L. suitable for small family of two, maximum three people.

    Appearance that will suit any kitchen furniture and decor. In the picture he seems more ephemeral than it actually is. In reality, it is more massive, and pretty heavy. The housing is made of heat resistant porcelain. Made in the Rostov region, LLC «hydraulic unit».

    As expected, direct before use, I boiled the kettle 3 times, the smell of chemicals vanished only 4-5 times after boiling.

    It heats up fairly quickly, within 7 — 10 minutes if you pour it to the top mark, which do not strongly recommend, as content as volcanic lava spills out, and all the space around the kettle is filled with water. I fill it to half, for a single person is enough.

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    Cover is equipped with two clamps that are designed to keep her in the moment of pouring the boiling water, but it is better to hold her hand to fell and crashed. The handle is not heated, however, and cover.

    The characteristics claimed by the manufacturer


    Well, what feedback can you write about the kettle? The water boils and the taste of the tea is not to his credit. Of the minuses, would call, too short a wire, then the manufacturer is greedy. Otherwise, a great tea to drink tea out of it pleasantly and the guests on the table to put shame. Round base and round electrical contact is a great solution because you can put spin on the stand in any direction without interfering with the work.

    View the product card and price on Aliexpress >>Well, the tea needs fresh hot bread or muffins, I recommend to prepare at home to use a bread maker Redmond. Well, if you need to take hot tea or coffee with you here will help stylish travel mug.



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