Ceiling led chandelier Okudo with remote control

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After the repair you always want to furnish an apartment with new furniture, that’s my husband and therefore began to look for a chandelier. Have traveled to many shops and construction markets. In one of them to the seller approached the buyer and asked: «what is the price of a specific lighting fixture?»

The seller in turn answered his question, and the buyer, a gentle elderly man told him: «Yes, I Aleksbest cheaper to buy». My husband was a little taken aback by this response. I’m in no one case do not want to advertise you this website, because I think you all know about it firsthand.

Personally I would be afraid to buy something expensive, as, unfortunately, not all products come in good quality. But apparently my husband, the situation on the market very intrigued. When we were driving home, he asked me to look at Aliexpress lamps and choose the ones I like the most. This request surprised me because he’s one of those people who should first touch the item with their hands.

I looked, chose the fixtures that I liked and showed them to her husband. My other half, in turn, picked out the proposed suspended ceiling lamps, one of his most favorite company Okudo. Well … men!

Of course the prices in the stores are very different from the prices in the online stores. The illuminant chosen was very beautiful in the picture. Complete 8 square lamps in different sizes from small to large. He led means low power consumption and durable. In the box is a remote control for us lazy people to not getting out of bed to turn off the light.

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Yes, of course, a lot of pluses and not expensive unlike the store that cost 20,000 rubles. But buying bras in the Chinese online store almost 12000 rubles, it was scary.

Although it’s either you’re taking a risk and buying a product in two times cheaper than its Russian counterpart pricey, or play it safe and overpay them to the Russian manufacturer at an exorbitant price.

The purchase price and shipping Ali

All the same, we decided, that is decided more by my husband, I was in doubt to the last, I bought this chandelier from an authorized representative on Aliexpress Okudo and with great concern placed the order.

Then came the weeks of waiting, my husband almost every day asking sent us a lamp or not, but its all was not and was not. I had forgotten about our order, since it’s been two months, suddenly I get a call the courier and said about the delivery with the Ponny Express.

I was visited by surprise the first couple of minutes I decided that the courier made a mistake and called me by mistake. Then I began to think what it brought me straight to the door and I don’t even need to pay!? Courier gave me regular brown box a medium size and I went home.

Then we decided to make a box opening video, so you can show the seller the reasons for the return.


But it turned out fine. In the box were sets of screws and nails, the iron cross, which is attached to the ceiling for support, the two connecting power supply, iron box and remote, which we did not understand how to use, as well as two floor lamps 4 square of each element. The instruments themselves are very light, like a toy, not broken, not scratched, without any defects. In General, well, that’s all safe and sound.

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Decided to connect our new device Okudo, to check working or not. As the panel why it did not work, tried just to turn on and off themselves, and the light changed abrupt switching off and switching on the device. Included, though not dismantled the wall completely, because the repair is not completed yet.

At first glance, everything works, the chandelier is lit, switch different shades from warm tones to cold, that is, from yellow to bluish. However husband did not realize how disconnected from each other nutrients the charging elements. And according to the instructions, alas, we can’t read because it’s in Chinese language. The remote is responsive, the command will be triggered immediately.


Still, my personal opinion is that the quality of this chandelier could be better quality, still not for 1000 rubles bought, and nearly 12,000 rubles. She’s all pretty easy. But on the other hand, maybe it’s specially made to reduce the burden on the ceilings. And yet, who is there on the ceiling will try to break it?)))

Otherwise no issues, everything works, everything included. The most important thing is to buy from an official representative on Aliexpress, but not at the strange intermediaries who can sell and forgery.