CCTV Zosi: set of DVR’s and cameras

The eleventh of November 2017 in the global day of discounts on Aliexpress, I ordered a CCTV kit ZOSI 8ch HD CCTV. He got me with all the discounts and coupons for 11,000 rubles, while in regular days it can be purchased for 13000.

Decent discount on this product, moreover, is much cheaper than in retail and even wholesale shops. The seller sent the kit a couple of days. Shipping, I believe, was immediate – within a week the courier brought the goods to my home. Here you can buy on the official website of representative Zosi.

Packed the kit was high quality. Compact box, inside of which were three small suitcase was not the least bit damaged. Unpacking first suitcase it is in eight-channel DVR is quite decent.

Equipment and instruction

On the front panel three LEDs and a USB input. Behind a standard set of connectors for cameras and microphones, HDMI, USB and hole for the power supply. Most importantly, hard drive size 1 TB is already in the receiver. Included is a computer mouse.

Then find the power supply units, one for receiver and one for each of the two cameras with the corresponding splitters.

Open the second suitcase, where as expected the cameras are four pieces, and the set of camera cables with the necessary plugs. Chambers street, in a metal case have a resolution of 1MP. Look securely.

In the third suitcase is the same set as in the second camera, cable, a set of plugs. Still attached the installation instructions of the kit English, DVD drive and warning sticker surveillance.

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Due to the fact that the instruction with pictures, even an inexperienced user without knowledge of the language will be able to understand the installation. Never dealing with video surveillance, I quickly hooked the camera to the TV to check the quality of the image. It satisfied me. You could almost see the man’s face with a 20-30 meters in low light.

Tried to record on the recorder – it works. Also, the manufacturer claims that if you connect the logger to the Internet and to your smartphone or other device to set the proper program Zosi View, it will be possible to observe the desired objects online.

In General, buying on Aliexpress rather, the book is better from an official representative of the company in Ali here, as in this case guaranteed the authenticity of the product, the complete and official yearguarantee, it Zosia.