CBAOOO DT100 headphones with dual speakers and aptx

Before buying these headphones I bought a Bluetooth headset Baseus$ 15 without, which was the classical scheme of one trend in one ear and who did not have the aptx codec.

But, this is a very famous brand disappointed me, as Bases stopped working.

And so, in search of others with a limited budget, decided to make experiment and to buy a headset, where the first two dynamics in 1 ear and, secondly, there is the aptx codec.

This experiment was needed to compare the quality of music and voice with the previous one. Took CBAOOO DT100 headset on Aliexpress here on this page.

I understand that the benefits of aptx, I hardly notice because my smartphone does not support it, but all the same, is not so clear, and all the subtleties in electronics no one except the manufacturers of smartphones and headphones not know.

Buying this model DT100 CBAOOO was an experiment, in which I wanted to see the difference in sound between the Bluetooth headphones with one speaker in 1 ear and with two speakers, and of course to understand, does something codec aptx in my case, with my smartphone.

I knew that anyway, but the quality of music should be acceptable, even given the fact that I’m picky about chuoku.

I also realized, reading the reviews about these CBAOOO on Aliexpress.

But most of all I was concerned about sound when talking, because Baseus headphones that have great sound quality, but terrible at conversation with the interlocutor. Well as terrible? All that said the interlocutor can hear clearly, speak without problems, but the quality of the sound is tin.

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So, to get their CBAOOO DT100, I immediately made a test call and was very surprised!

The quality of voice — very different from the headphone Baseus ! That is just super!

Don’t know why, whether because of the dual speakers, whether aptx is also still played a role, but if someone is too important to the quality of voice, you at least need to take CBAOOO DT100 dual speaker.

Although, reading many different reviews of various Bluetooth headphones, I realized that to predict the quality of sound and music to the caller only if the price tag is about$ 100, plus a well-known brand, plus — mandatory enabled smartphone or player codec aptx, and in other cases, as lucky.

Yes, CBAOOO DT100 music is a bit worse than Baseus, but is not critical, but good quality sound of voice.

Again, taking the headset on Aliexpress here at this link.