Cat Ears Headphones — stylish headphones «»

At the end of 2017 decided to make a gift from the website Aliexpress. The choice fell on headphones cute «Cat Ears Headphones» with flashing ears $12.

Where to buy and shipping

Click on the image to enlarge headphone

The choice of colors on the website are diverse. Offered in white, black, pink, green. For myself, I chose a neutral white, bought here from this seller. Free shipping. Ordered in Kurgan oblast. Just a month after Mail order Russia, I was holding the parcel.

The box were the headphones were damaged. This product is Packed in a plastic bag. At first glance, made headphones are high quality, work fine.

Made of plastic. Surround sound, not enough bass, overall good sound for the price. The wire length of 1.5 meters, connect one plug connector 3’5мм: suitable for all kinds of computers, mobile phones and televisions.

The Lugs are embedded light bulbs and batteries (the seller put additional). Flashing function is activated on one of the ears — there is a small button in the back. There are two modes:

  • In the first position both ears are burning blue, and
  • In the second position both lights flash. Looks impressive in the dark.

For all the time use did not have to spend money on new batteries, which is a plus. The headband is adjustable. Unfortunately it is not durable after 3 months of use broke from falling on the floor from a small height.This does not affect the sound and led, everything continues to work.

The pads are very soft, made of synthetic leather, so comfortable and sitting firmly on the head. Headphones compact, fold up and easily fit in a small bag. I can say that pleased with my order, despite the damage.

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