Cassette with blades Schick Quattro Titanium

A husband decided to order a replaceable razor blades Schick Quattro via Aliexpress. Delivered in 19 days, which is pretty quick for China. Took here on this page, there really are a lot of sales and positive reviews.

Packed neatly the box in transit is not wrinkled. Cassette when using do not cut, do not leave scuffs when dry, there is no rust, the metal blade is not distorted, i.e., it remains flat and after repeated use.

In the package are two blocks, one filled with tapes fully, the second half, a total of 6 blades. A little bit of everything it looks strange. We sold 4 pieces in one unit, so the feeling that you pulled from these packs and joined together.

The design on the box is similar, but still different from what we have in store in the next house.

Of course, maybe they have there own design and it’s OK to put the half-empty blocks. In General, I can’t exactly say whether they are original Schick Quattro or not.

If you count the price is exactly the same as ours — about 1300 rubles per 6 pieces. Searching on Yandex Market, you can find even cheaper, but then again, based what’s in the package 4 pieces!

Periodically we go in the basket, ordering was evident, so the price does not change at all, it is one and the same. I think you can see that there are other stores on Aliexpress and find a more profitable option. Still, blades good, no complaints there, my husband enjoys and is happy. Again, took here.

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