Cashmere leggings from Aliexpress

Good afternoon. A couple of days ago bought women’s leggings. The first thing that caught my attention is their appearance and big discount. Also, reading the reviews, I decided to order them.

With the discount this product cost me 312 rubles, the delivery by post of Russia to Krasnoyarsk was 18 days, which was a pleasant surprise. This product came Packed in a package, the package was intact with no visible damage.


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Now, what I want to say about the leggings! At first, very upset with the color, it did not match the pictures and was closer to black color, although the picture was a beautiful rich blue.

Also, the fabric was exposed to a large number of puffs, this is a rather unpleasant fact, because these leggings will quickly lose their appearance and are all puffs. There is a big positive point, they are quite warm, wore them at -26 degrees Celsius and not frozen.

Also, they have a high waist and elastic good elastic, so they are well defined at the waist and not slide down. The heels are made of thin fabric, which allows the leggings to climb up the legs while driving.

How to choose the size

The size of the one at all, at first, is a little scared, but having tried my height 159 cm, sat is fine. They are well drawn and do not sit down in the wash. However, this fabric should be washed on the hands, and if the machine, you need to turn.

The fabric looks synthetic. But the touch is very soft and the inner part is Terry. That makes it comfortable to wear and wear them without tights. Almost black color is a little upset, but the leggings have a nice sheen in the light, and this compensates for the deficiency of the goods. To wear they look good and elegant and with long boots and short, as well suit any style of dress. Overall satisfied with the product, I’m just sorry enough for them for one season max. However, for the price… by the Way, bought here.

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