Cashback Lamoda and MVideo

We all love Cashback service EPN added two new offer.

Lamoda is a branded clothing and footwear at very nice prices, as well as cosmetics and perfumery. Return with purchases of just 5%.

MVideo is one of the leading Russian networks of electronics, home appliances, accessories and much more. Cashback is up to 5.5% with the purchase (depending on product category, for each category of the fixed percent).

Moreover, in each of these online stores have free shipping, and the return of the funds is carried out even when the order of the sections «Sale».

How to use

To get part of the money from Lamadi or MVideo, you must first register with their intended partner — Сashback EPN (if not registered). The website published about them the article here and we really believe this service is the best cabecera at the moment.

After registration go to your account and click on the desired store. All make their purchases so if you just went to the site Lamoda or MVideo directly or through search, nothing else to do not required!

After a purchase, the money will immediately be credited to your account and can then be withdrawn almost instantly on the card, electronic money or even account number.

If you make the order on delivery or pay cash to the courier, the money can be withdrawn only after the payment for goods will be received by the store. This is done to avoid possible fraud on the part of users, such as, an order for a nonexistent or wrong address, or do not buy if you receive nalagay.

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Additional advantages

EPN cashback in addition to these shops allows you to cashback for purchases in Aliexpress, the largest Russian online store Ozon, a major Chinese BangGood, DX, and orders for tickets through AviaSales search, booking of hotels worldwide to Get, buy e-book in Litres. One registration, many resources, and also the best percentage on the market.

You can invite friends to the service and receive a percentage of their purchases. They don’t even necessarily know that you are getting the most percentage .

If you use the action «All to us«, that will for some the first time to get a larger % for orders.