Cashback and ad blockers

If your browser is set ad block, you most probably will not be able to cashback with online shopping.

This test will help to determine whether you have ad blocker, preventing the return protsetov purchases:

To pass the test

Note: now verified for only one service CashbackEPN, as it is the most popular and is currently considered the best. But gradually we will add in the functionality test, and other services.


The answers you will receive automatically and immediately.

What to do if the test is failed

If you see red message about the problems, first try clicking the same link. This may not work but worth a try.

You can download and install any other browser, to go with him the test and continue to make all their purchases only with this browser.

Not wishing to change their browser may be advisable to remove the plugin-blocker or to configure it correctly. Here it all depends on what browser is used. In any case, you can always find the extension Manager in its settings.

If the removal is clear, the setting up… also everything is simple. Go to the settings of your plugin and add the exception at the following addresses:

For example, in the growing popularity of the extension uBlock need to go first to settings:

And then in the white list and add the above Internet addresses:

After any changes be sure to re-take the test!

And again, there are pseudoserver the payment of interest on purchases that are doing fraud, usurp someone else’s money and otherwise tricky («Shavat») not to fall for their hook.

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Enjoy the shopping and great cashback!