Cashback Aliexpress is a fraud

Sometimes people don’t believe in cashback when shopping online and it is not by accident.

Against the background of excellent work cashback services, which are the official partners of Aliexpress, like mushrooms after a rain appear temporary offices a La «Horns and hoofs», which is not opposed to appropriate a part of money users. The below article will be given tips on detection of such logocenter, but first you need to understand…

The contents

  1. How does the cheating
  2. The simplest «classic» scheme
  3. The second scheme is more complicated and the Agency can live much longer
  4. What’s the catch

How does the cheating

The simplest «classic» scheme

Created a beautiful website with promises well, very high interest rates, all sorts of gifts and things. Users register, make a purchase and… get nothing. All payments cashback fraudsters. This fraud scheme works very long, soon, the site is closed and opened new services with the same promises.

The second scheme is more complicated and the Agency can live much longer

Also created a beautiful site with big promises and even the first time everything is paid, that has earned «sarafannoe radio» and floated on the Internet rumor, like, «There really are paid more here, but you get my measly 7 percent.»

When reaching a large number of regular users, followed by the second stage of the game cheaters. The payments are continuing, but only for cheap products. Something like this: «Bought a cheap little pouch — get your 10%. Bought an expensive phone? Oh, sorry, a technical glitch occurred on the part of Aliexpress, they are to blame».

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But nothing lasts forever, and such deception is gradually revealed through communication cheated on forums and social.networks. Then comes the third stage following the example of classical scheme — simply have nothing to anyone not paid, all thanks, a curtain!

There may be other schemes. If you know about them — write in the comments under the article.

It is worth noting that sometimes cashback is not credited, not because of the greed of their owners, and due to incorrect browser settings.

What’s the catch

In fact, there is no catch and will not if you use verified official partners of Aliexpress. They have their old group in the social.networks with active users, online reviews, they pay quickly (usually one day) to dispel all doubts among new users. In other words, they have some authority.

Fraudulent websites have no authority or no all the reviews stranded.

Most importantly: do not get fooled by very high interest rates. For example, only one Yandex is looking for the mythical 30% cashback more than two hundred people per month:


And it will find the same… on his head. Even Ali himself has no such percentage of sales placed on it shops.

Be careful!

PS still think cashback deception? It does not matter, do not use it, anyway someone will get for you. Seen under the overview videos on YouTube or in groups in the social.networks such shortened references of the form «alipub…», which vary on longer and send on Aliexpress?

So, to establish such a link receives a percentage of any purchases passed through it until then, until he goes again on another similar link. There is nothing wrong — the usual affiliate program, the whole Internet is full of similar references in the most different directions, not just Ali.

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P. P. S. If you still don’t want to get their refunds on purchases, just click here