Cashback Aliexpress EPN

The contents

  1. How it works
  2. Why is this possible
  3. How to register
  4. Promo code
  5. How to get cash back
  6. Mobile
  7. Payments (screenshots)
  8. What else
  9. Coupons, promotions and special offers
  10. Sale from the seller
  11. Special offer
  12. Discount coupons
  13. Invite a friend

This year the best cashback Aliexpress service we have been recognized as Cashback EPN. Indeed, the functionality, the percentage of the speed of response and competence support it simply has no equal.

At the moment they offer a refund within 7-18% of the value of goods and automatic payments without at least a few minutes in different ways (even on the balance of the mobile phone).

Thus, if you buy the item at least a dollar, even in this case, you will be able to withdraw your cashback. Great isn’t it?

At the moment, in addition to Aliexpress they cooperate with stores Ozone, BangGood, GearBest and Asos. A bit, but the best rates on the market!

How it works

Very simple: you register on their website, click on your unique link from your account on the website of Aliexpress or other store, and then as usual… choose, buy… And when you confirm the receipt of goods and the transaction is closed, will receive a payment of a certain percentage of the purchase amount.

Why is this possible

The fact that Ali and other stores have their own affiliate programs. They are willing to pay a certain percentage of their income for attracting customers to the pages of the products and making sales.

EPN is a direct partner these stores, but they also need to attract buyers. So they went the simple way — namely, share the majority of their affiliate fees by the buyers.

And everyone is happy: stores get constant sale, and buyers part of the funds paid back to your account.

How to register

Of course, to receive payments it will take at least check. Click on this button:

Go to the EPN website cashback

Find on the next page link or button «sign up», a lot of them there — will not miss. They look like this:

Check they have the simplest, you need to enter only your email and create a password. I see no need to paste here the detailed instruction on such a simple procedure :).

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But many makes one think the link for the promotion code, when clicked, opens an additional field for a promotional code. It looks like this:

What it is and where to take it?

Promo code

When registering enter it is not required. In fact, and to sense from these almost no promotions, create advertising campaigns and attract new users. In the best case, the code can further increase the rate of cashback of 1-2% and temporary. 3…4…7 days, then all come back.

«Throw» them infrequently and in limited quantities, but our team constantly monitors and publishes them.

Look to the right column of our website. If there is a promo code, then can use it. If not, then now is not the existing stock, then I’m sorry and just register without it!

After you register and confirm your account via the standard link from the letter, you will be taken to your account where you will have to wait for a pop-up window with tips and help.

How to get cash back

Even easier than to register. There are two ways:

  1. In your account click on one button and shop as usual. No further action is required. The only thing you need to go on the button every time you want to make a purchase
  2. Install the browser plugin from your account and every time you go to Ali and through him:

That’s all! That is, if you buy via a regular computer or laptop. For fans buy with mobile devices a bit harder, but still possible.


The service website is adapted for mobile, but to get the cashback you need to do something else.

The easiest way is to install the app Cash back EPN and log in to it. The account includes detailed information.

The second method is more difficult, but more reliable. You will need to install the application Telegram (it’s something like ICQ or Skype, made by Pavel Durov — the Creator of Vkontakte). In this app to put a special bot from EPN, then it will be possible to shop as usual in the official app from Aliexpress and get back a percentage of the machine.

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Payments (screenshots)

As mentioned above, payments are made regardless of the amount, and you can shoot in rubles and dollars. Withdrawal methods: Bank card, WebMoney, Yandex money, Qiwi, either directly to mobile phone.

And, you can order the Epayments card, system Master Card Bank UK, which is available cash withdrawals at any ATM worldwide or pay online. For those who have a good turnover of cashback, the card will release and send mail for free, but newcomers will have to pay. However, the cost is very low. Plus, cardholders are charged an additional 1% to the account for purchases.

Such a card can be issued in two currencies: Euros or dollars. I advise you to order in $, as in this case, you can buy maps in Chinese stores without currency conversion.

I personally prefer to receive payments in WebMoney dollars (WMZ purse), below a couple of recent payments and the latest payment I will add the comments to the article.


What else

Additionally they provide:

  • Crosspost — its unique development to the simultaneous search of different goods in Chinese stores;
  • Bot Teldegram — another unique development. Just install on your mobile special bot and then shop as usual in the application from Ali. The percentage of cash back is credited automatically;
  • Discount coupons and promotions.

In the last paragraph will discuss in more detail…

Coupons, promotions and special offers

Cashback EPN helps to save not only on the payment of interest on purchases, but also in other ways. Let’s consider each of them in detail to your orders were the most profitable, and friends asked to share the secrets of saving :).

Sale from the seller

I don’t know why they have the name in the singular, but here the best deals from different sellers, and time-bound. You can select the category, and the area can not be selected — displayed on all. There are constantly find what you need at a great price.

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Special offer

And again in the singular :). But no matter!

The list of goods is based on the 1st day of each month. Mostly little things, costing up to 10-20$, but in every such sale there are quite a few expensive lots.

The prices are very «tasty», but there is one drawback: each month, you can only purchase one item from the list. Well, good little by little!

Discount coupons

Who doesn’t love coupons? Love them all! When others buy products at one price and you go to the site, enter the code and get a very different price!

Act three presented sites and you have the option to choose a category.

Select, copy, paste… oops, that’s a new price!

A few examples:

As you can see in the images, there are even perpetual coupons, although most of them have an end date.



The remaining sections are not particularly interesting. Something like «Raffle», recommendations, product reviews from other users. But there are some interesting referral program…

Invite a friend

Or how to make money on Aliexpress.

Just invite your friends to this service with a special link and earn a percentage with their purchases. You will receive 20-30% of their cashback for life! This is called referral program.

Just tell your friends about a great opportunity to save through cashback, other convenient features like crosspiece or coupons, you can even show them this page, just remember to ask them to register it on your link, which you can find in your account by going through the menu:

And then — in tools:


Friends need not even know that you are getting interest :). Only they will be grateful!

Go to the EPN website cashback

P. S. All of the answers to the questions on working with this service you will be able to support Cashback EPN. Don’t hesitate to ask, they are always willing to quickly answer, do not ignore even the simplest questions.

You can ask your questions in the comments below, we’ll try to help.