Case headphone AirPods

I just bought a few cases for the Apple AirPods headphones from Aliexpress. Below are reviews of three of the most interesting ways.

Start with the most enjoyable. Case ordered on AirPods for$ 4.99 I Ordered even without the discount this was the third case.

The contents

  1. Red metallic
  2. Black thick rubber UGREEN
  3. Soft silicone DOITOP

Red metallic

And this is a good order! The case is sat, direct-attached, top cover separately from the bottom, which is a big plus because the top will not stretch and fall.

All corners are well cleaned, completely without damage. Pleasant to the touch matte, not slippery. Color ordered red metallic — fully consistent.

Even better than expected. At the edge of the cover and the top cover is black convex holder that adds style. Looks beautiful and sickeningly neat. The material is like soft plastic. The case also has a bulge for the button. Pressing the button feel is good. Be cushy for a carabiner or lanyard.

The order was about 2.5-3 weeks, quite fast. Free shipping. The seller did not communicate, choose a sending without tracking, only on the arrival of the goods in the mail reported its arrival. The gift didn’t come with

Repeat this order until satisfied squeak, ordered 2.5$ here on this page, I hope nothing will change. For six months, with the case AirPods nothing happened, looks like new, not a single gram of loose.

Black thick rubber UGREEN

These covers for AirPods brand UGREEN was the second . Bought a year ago for 6,55$ per share.

The covers are made of thick rubber, very dense and voluminous, one-piece. There is a rubber insert to close the connector which is inserted into the charger that was one of the biggest advantages as I thought.

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At first the fit was tight. Color match is selected. On the cover was beautifully carved with the figure of headphones and has a hole for the button. Also, the seller sent gifts.

Each case in a separate box in the kit was a shotgun and rubber cord which are inserted in the headphones. In General, things were fine exactly a month and a half.

After the first broken plug for the connector, which is inserted into the charging when got out of the pocket. The second was okay, in the end also came off.

The second thing was loose part of the cover on the cover: Patsy separately from the cover, the cover will not open, constantly falling case, which was annoying. In the end the whole case was loose and the headphones went in it here and there like box.

Good dense cover turned into a piece of conventional stretched rubber in such a short period of time, which, of course, terribly upset, for the money, of course, waiting for the best.

The delivery was reasonable fast 3-3,5 weeks. Free shipping. The seller did not communicate delivery chose without tracking, here’s a direct link to them.

Soft silicone DOITOP

The first covers the manufacturer DOITOP waited a month, ordered a cheap$ 1 in the stores then they cost 700₽.

Again, the original quality and the fit was incredibly cool. The colors are beautiful, bright, touch matte, not slippery.

Fit too tight, some even up forcibly on the cover. Bluetooth headphone AirPods solid. With side strips for easy holding. Pleased they are about 2-3 months. Yet just as the previous began to turn into a piece of rubber completely loose.

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Headphones directly out of them. Well for the money I was not hurt. I was ready for it.

The seller did not communicate, order tracking, shipping was paid, here is the link to them.