Case charging for iPhone 7 Rock 2500 mAh

I am the owner of the iPhone 7, and to me its battery is not enough for the day. To carry around a charger and look for outlets not too convenient, and powerbank a bit cumbersome. So I ordered on Aliexpress charger case tested by me brand Rock for$ 7 here on this page. Shipping took 2 weeks by CDEK company.

The contents

  1. Appearance and convenience
  2. Protection IPhone
  3. Real capacity and charging
  4. Conclusion
  5. Video

Appearance and convenience

Is it a simple case of a rigid silicone, the rear wall of which is the battery. On the inner side there is a connector for your iPhone 7. Socket for charging turns completely protected from dust and dirt.

Compared with conventional silicone bumper «everbank», of course, loses in weight and thickness, adding about half a centimeter and 69 grams.

In terms of ease of grip of the rear there is a rubber ribbed insert, from the hands or gloves do not slip. From the back that it’s charging, and not just the bumper, resembles a button with a battery indicator, and protruding from the bottom of the adapter to the charging socket.

Protection IPhone

The hole for the camera iPhone 7 is recessed inside, so the protruding rear camera is almost completely protected from mechanical damage. The frame located away from the flash, the photos are untraceable.

The display of the iPhone is also covered thanks to a towering literally on millimeter frame. The edges adjacent to the walls of the phone tightly, without gaps.

Inserted the iPhone into the charging case is relatively simple. Importantly, the plug got into the charging hole. But getting into minor difficulties. The fact that the back wall of the device do not bend, and frame rigidity are not inferior plastic. I have adapted this: first, squeeze out of the cover area near the camera through the hole of the cover, then pull the entire top, and then gently pull the smartphone out of the slot.

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Real capacity and charging

Measured the actual capacity of the battery was about 1580 mAh, which practically does not differ from the factory data.

About charging: you can charge both the case itself and the phone at the same time. In the latter case, the main charge with a current of about 1 ampere is first smartphone, and the case remains 0.3 A. the current Drawdown was not observed

After charging the phone the iPhone 7 battery continues to charge itself to 100%. Time to fully charge both devices takes about 2 hours.


The iPhone takes case-charging Rock for iPhone 7 adequately, don’t have any conflicts, display twitches. Given the fact that the battery capacity of my iPhone 7 decreased to 86%, then charge the removable battery lasts practically from 0 to 100%. Charging speed is the same as from the wall outlet.

In General, the cover Rock is not bad, increases the battery capacity almost in 2 times, without the inconvenience of charging that kind of disturbing cables. Of the shortcomings — everbank difficult to remove as well as over time the silicone gets dark. Again, bought this power bank, built-in case for IPhone here on Aliexpress.