Carrying — chipset for the baby on the belt

I use this gadget very sorry that you have not ordered it before. Bought on Aliexpress here (direct link).

Now consider that chipset-carrying unjustly stands in the shadow of ergo-backpacks and slings. Actually the thing is brilliantly simple, but so comfortable.

The contents

  1. Convenience
  2. Quality
  3. Conclusion and where to buy


Is a «seat» with a wide belt. Mom/dad put it on as the strap seat placed laterally on the thigh and put on her baby.

It remains only to hold the back of him, but he fell back. At first glance the design seems unreliable and maybe someone will scare it, but absolutely nothing.

The weight of the baby moves with your hand on your hip, that really saves the mother from exhaustion. If your child is very active and cannot sit still in a sling and he constantly need to run somewhere, but at the same time he is quite attached to his mother and often asks on hands-this is the invention for you!

By itself, the belt is very easy. Attached in my opinion very reliable-first, adjust the fit with a wide Velcro(by the way the belt was designed to even very, very full of parent), and then fasten the latch. The seat top is padded for baby’s comfort, and the base is made from foam. It can be pull out and wash the belt.

Also there is a small pocket. Smartphone there certainly will not fit, but small things like keys, handkerchief or rattle can be put.


The quality of its chipset I was satisfied. Somewhere there are threads sticking out, but this is nonsense. The whole thing does not look cheap. Although it is not a lot(and given the fact, as sometimes it helps, even a penny). We took him to the journey on those trips where the stroller is inappropriate, and even at home when it was time to cook dinner, but the daughter demanded to sit on your hands.

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Conclusion and where to buy

Overall my purchase, I do not consider indulgence. Only regret that don bought a couple of months earlier, when my daughter just learned to sit.

Once again, took on Aliexpress here on this page. The parcel came to the Krasnodar region over the 3 weeks approximately. Also, especially recommend the highchair BAONEO and set at the child care OOTDTY.