Cards Copag 310

I want to share my opinion about a set of decks Copag 310, purchased on this page on Aliexpress.

The contents

  1. General information
  2. The quality and manufacturer
  3. Appearance
  4. Equipment
  5. Overall rating

General information

The order I made in January 2019 at a price of 873 rubles (13.7 USD). In my city Krasnodar cards were delivered in approximately four weeks, which corresponds to the stated delivery time in 30 days.

Packed the purchase was bad, there was a protective film with bubbles, the deck was just Packed in cellophane. But despite this, no damage during transit I have not noticed.

The quality and manufacturer

Manufactured Cartamundi in Belgium. Created by the same technology that the plant USPCC in the United States, and therefore are of the highest quality and are suitable for all professional tricks.

Made of double layer cardboard with graphite insert. Copag have coated True linen B9 finish that looks like the stamping:

This coating makes them more slippery than a plated air-cushion finish as cards bicycle standard, this means that the Sleeve 310 is ideal for cardistry (the beautiful Art of manipulating cards), rather than for tricks. (But nobody forbids to show bales with it).


Boxes both decks are exactly the same. On the Tang is written the name of the deck, on the sides – the name of the coating, as well as information about the deck of standard index, poker size.

On the bottom of the box is information about the manufacturer, the emblem of the plant, the batch number and barcode. On the reverse side of the figure, a shirt, on the front – the name of the deck, surrounded by ornament.

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The box is NOT equipped with palombi showing that it not be opened. The cards themselves (inside the box) was Packed in a plastic film. Box was also wrapped in foil.

The shirt pattern from Copag is a rhombus with flower inside, enclosed in an elongated hexagon. Inside and outside the hexagon is the pattern that gives the opportunity to make in the deck specks.

If discreetly handle shaded part of the design, it will not be evident. The shirt has a white rim, and therefore suitable for magic coup cards in the deck.

The shirt color from blue deck more dark in comparison with the standard bicycle, while the red deck is more close to orange. (Pictured right Copag 310, the left Bicycle standard):

Younger significance are largely the same: suits icons a little smaller, and the icons of the suit under the symbol bigger. Indexes dozens of people are copag 310 zero made more square. All other indices of the low cards are identical to the standard. (in the photo below 310 Copag, Bicycle standard top):

High cards Copag drawn more realistic, the color scheme remained unchanged. The indexes of Jack and the ladies made more square. There are no other differences.

ACE of spades is designed in a minimalist style, in the center there is a slightly increased peak suit, inside of which is the name of the deck.

Jokers are identical. They depicted a clown holding a 5 card with the letters that compose a word Copag. In place of the index shows the stars (unlike the photos on the website Aliexpress.

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Instead of stars there is written Joker. But in my opinion, it is rather a plus than a minus. The stars look more aesthetically pleasing. But still it is necessary to pay attention).


In each deck there are two special cards for magic: dalbec (map shirts on both sides) and blank (card with a blank face and shirt):

Advertising cards in the set are not included.

Overall rating

Overall, Copag fully meet the quality standards, and hence my queries.

These cards are not made to the Chinese counterparts, do not have the proper quality, so you can safely enjoy without the fear of getting a defective product. Delivery done on time, serious disadvantages in purchase no. The price is optimal.

I got 10 out of 10. Again, bought on Aliexpress here.

See also Bicycle Fire — «fire deck» of the U.S. seal.