Car DVR Podofo

Always in the car I use a DVR, sometimes it helps in disputable situations on the road. And sometimes just interesting stories retain for collection or put on your YouTube channel, via the time you will have your channel open :).

For all the time I had 3 different models to describe them will not, but the important thing to understand that the model of the DVR you need to choose the cheap, to pay for imaginary bells and whistles makes no sense.

The contents

  • Where to buy
  • G-sensor
  • Mount
  • Management and quality
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Video
  • Where to buy

    This time ordered in China on Aliexpress for 1100 RUB Podofo A2 camera G30 Full HD 1080p, direct dealer. The parcel to the city of Izhevsk were three weeks that were easily monitored.

    The product was securely Packed in a cardboard box, and the top is still in the air film, although there was a slight dent on the box, but the product inside was intact.

    DVR simple, but quality, worth the money and even better. Surprised that it is very light, although the built-in battery. Russian menu language, LCD screen size: 2,7″, the review of 140°, a maximum external memory of 32GB., but not below class 10.

    But on Aliexpress now other sellers are pushing counterfeit for Podofo, so you need to buy only the official representative for Ali here.


    In a collision, impact or sudden braking works G-sensor (shock sensor) and video from the time of the accident is recorded in a specific file which is protected from Erasure. Very useful, for example, if someone is hit in the yard or in the Parking lot and try to escape, the receptionist Podofo A2 all written in a special file.

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    Mount suction Cup, with the functional rotating mechanism. The power cord is pleased with its length of about three meters, enough to stretch it quietly in the cabin, on the connector there is a signal light control.

    Management and quality

    The controls are at the bottom of the DVR, not very convenient of course, but it’s a matter of habit. But in the middle is a large red button, to erase protection needs of the plot, no need to nervously search button to save the record.

    Build quality, nothing cracks, plastic pleasant to the touch. There is a small manual in the Russian language, there are briefly and clearly described everything. Default are the standard settings, plug into the cigarette lighter and everything will work as it should.

    Go with him for six months, during this time, I can say, its working great no complaints. Set the mount under the mirror, with the wire I had removed from above the ceiling, from the last of the DVR, it’s great that approached it.


    • Like automatic power on and off. As soon as you start the car, the logger begins to record. When switching off the ignition after a minute turns off automatically, it is convenient, will not forget. In the past the DVR Conkim this feature didn’t work and I often forget about it;
    • Pleased that the numbers are well visible up to 20 meters, this is enough. Quality of recording at the highest resolution at a solid 4 rating, even in the dark everything is clearly seen, but not Full HD! The sound is gorgeous, you can hear in the back seat not talking loud.
    • Cycle recording allows you to use a memory card with a small amount on my 16 GB. Recently, however, there was a situation when the display shows that the memory card is full, and it is off. It turned out, saved me a lot of memories there, he is saved by the user does not delete it. And each video to 3 minutes, weighs 600 – 700 MB, you can certainly reduce the quality of the video, but I won’t. Therefore, it is better to put the right card on 32-64 GB, they are now quite expensive.
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    Of the minuses: did not like that when the sun shines in front, can not see the details. Don’t like that the battery is built in, but it is rather a problem of all budget DVRs.

    And say that this is a great hard worker for my money. I hope that will greatly facilitate the selection of the product their opinion.

    Again, I recommend to take the official page of the company Podofo A2 on Aliexpress here, as in the first, others are more expensive because they are repurchased and resold, and secondly, so you are protected from buying fakes.


    Just do not forget that YouTube is still highly compresses video, therefore the video recording quality is better than you can see here: