Capsule coffee maker Bosch

I want to write a review about capsule coffee maker Bosch Tassimo BOSH.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. How to use
  3. About capsules
  4. Conclusion
  5. Video

Where to buy

Ordered from Aliexpress TMALLa here on this page, the product came pretty fast, only 4 days to Omsk service CDEK, delivered to the door of the apartment.

Bought it cheap, compared to prices in the store, it cost me just 2500 rubles, though I took it during discounts. Coffee maker is very compact and stylish, the kitchen took its perfect.

How to use

Easy enough to use, in order to make coffee, you pour water into a special reservoir, with a volume of 0.7 liters, which is sideways, then press a single button.

Before use, be sure need to do self cleaning! For this a complete under the tank there is a yellow plastic disc that you want to insert in place of the capsule, if the compartment is empty, the machine will not work.

About capsules

Perhaps its only drawback is the price of capsules, usually around 400 rubles per 16 pieces. And not every store has it capsules Tassimo, Dolce gusto, much more.

I buy in El Dorado, there is plenty of choice and they are always available. Drinks can do a lot: espresso, Crema, latte, cappuccino, coffee, still hot chocolate, fruit and green tea, which can not fail to please the children.

One capsule is one serving, the serving size and, consequently, the strength of the drink can be changed in the settings, the more water, the less strong it turns out coffee.

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Drinks are prepared quickly, three minutes and your coffee is ready. Once you have brewed coffee, you need to make a self-cleaning coffee maker Bosch. Cleaned with hot steam, so you need to be careful.

My coffeemaker is not necessary, after cooking, she disengaged herself. The cupholder can be adjusted according to the height or even removed, but to remove I would not recommend, as there remains drip coffee.


For those who drink a lot of coffee, probably a coffee maker will not work. Still too expensive out buying capsules.

We only drink it in the morning, so I like a drink obtained with a very rich taste, though, of course, it’s more the merit of the manufacturer of the capsules. Serve coffee machine the Bosch me for 10 months now, no complaints on the technical side, no, as the product Bosch suggest.

Again, bought on Aliexpress Tmall here. Also, I can recommend Biolomix professional blender and food processor BOSH MUM.