Cap brand Cokk

Hello! I want to tell you my impressions about the cap, purchased in AliExpress.

Bought on the official page of the manufacturer of the «COKK Offical Store» here. At the time of purchase (April 2018) its value was 416 rubles. Agree, nice price?) Probably to find a similar thing in my town, I would spend about 1500 rubles, and even more, also would kill all the time.

Second, try to find a similar on the shelves of our stores (spring 2018). Thirdly, I was one of the few who wore a model hat, besides, it’s still relevant. But this is not the only advantage of buying. About other pros and cons a detailed explanation below.

The contents

  1. Shipping
  2. The dimensions and range
  3. Quality material and tailoring
  4. Conclusion and opinion


Made an order on 30 March. April 4 — ready to ship. Got a package in the mail on April 23. Total, less than a month the average waiting time on AliExpress. Well. It would be possible to speed up waiting a delivery fee, but I was in no hurry.

The dimensions and range

The only size — M (56-58 cm). To me it was a bit too big. It is unfortunate, but not critical, giving freedom hair!)

Available in several colors: black, khaki, red, gray. I chose the black color as it is practical and will suit any image. The model is unisex, so guys wanted to try on his cap, and then borrow it)

Quality material and tailoring

PU leather and polyester. All good, nothing sticks out anywhere, nice to hold, comfortable worn, smooth visor. I’m sure that you have chosen one of the best styles of headgear! Plus, you can wear in the spring and autumn and warm winter. Especially for loyal fans of the summer — not a sentence). Perfect it is to Simplee knit sweater or a denim jacket. Special fashionistas, you can try kanekalon in braids under it is a new hair barrette that was invented by the Japanese.

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Conclusion and opinion

To summarize, I’m glad the purchase. This is one of my best orders on AliExpress. If you want something unusual on which to focus, at the same time minimalistic, practical, this thing is the perfect solution.

The hat will fit any classic skirts bow. It successfully fit in my way for a spring photo shoot in nature. Again, bought on Aliexpress here.