Camo life vest for fishing Lixada

A boat without a life vest is now prohibited. Not to spoil the pleasure of hunting or fishing ordered in March 2018 on Aliexpress two life jackets, myself and son. Pick a budget model Lixada. The seller indicated on the site size as a universal, Russian size range from 48 to 54.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. The quality and material
  3. Experience in the use of
  4. Summary

Where to buy

The cost of the item $ 11, about 700 rubles. In the price included shipping to Russia. Bought on Aliexpress here.

The parcel was more than 2 months. For a long time was in China. Came at just before the opening of the season. Packaging, plastic bag, black color, plus each product is further packaged in plastic.

By the way, remember that fishing without the correct sonar Fish Finder is like a fish without a tail!

The quality and material

The life jacket consists of three sections, the back and the two front halves. Filler – netonomy porous material similar to the material used for the packaging of computer equipment. Covered one side with a camouflage cloth color-type «Forest», on the other hand the fabric is bright orange.

Material – polyester medium density. On both sides of the vest sewn retroreflective strips. There is a whistle with a fairly sharp sound.

The mount on the body two straps with plastic buckles. The user can adjust the volume. There are also two belt for additional fastening of the vest to the legs in the groin area.

Experience in the use of

The vests we used the entire season (spring – summer – fall), fishing and hunting inflatable boats. Of the merits we note the mount on the body movements do not interfere. In fresh weather, additionally warms like a sweater.

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By the way, if you need a good fishing rod, I can recommend you to look telescopic firms Agepoch, there is still a survey on the network-a trap for fish and rakolovku.

The main drawback: the size does not match the size specified by the seller on the website. The actual size from 44 to 48. Water keeps the weight to 60-70 kg. My weight is 107 kg is not holding. Keep this in mind!

The firmware seams single, in one season the seams in several places dispersed. Camouflage colors camouflage function does not execute. When wearing a camouflage vest top, orange side of the vest is still visible.


The cost of such products at retail from 800 to 1200 rubles, that is slightly higher than the cost on the website Aliexpress, so I don’t recommend to buy it on there.

In the retail network have the opportunity to pick up a vest size and body weight, paying more for 200-400 rubles to buy rescue vehicle of the best quality. Can the same website to look at brand MaximumCatch. It is, of course, more expensive, but the quality is excellent.

And if you need really high quality, you can watch here this review.