Camera Gustala for professional manicure

Like many, I prefer low-impact hardware manicure. But while home on leave for child care, time to visit the salons do not have. Also I doubt the quality of the processing tools in the cabin and the safety of their use.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Characteristics and specifications
  3. Features of use
  4. The pros and cons

Where to buy

The problem I solved by ordering Gustala professional device for manicure and a pedicure on Aliexpress here on this page.

The device has a cost of 1900 rubles, delivery to Samara free, parcel arrived after 1.5 months. Counterparts in the professional stores are from 5000 rubles.

Characteristics and specifications

The device came in a factory box, however, a very battered in appearance (possibly due to long storage the seller). On the phone Gustala signs of any use were made. All accessories are Packed in sealed bags.

The main parameters of the device:

  • input voltage: 220V;
  • output voltage: 12V;
  • power:12 W;
  • speed:0-30000 rpm./min.;
  • weight:1,246 kg.

The apparatus included: a set of nozzles in the amount of 6 pieces, pedal for foot control, stand under the tip.

In the store the device is offered in several color options: silver, pink, black, white, red. I chose white. Type network cable, you can also choose our affordable standard, which is very convenient (no need of adapters).

Features of use

The first few times of using the device. its compactness, low noise level, the presence of a reverse pedal and a fairly easy system replacement brush heads.

But after one month also showed all the flaws: standard nozzles low quality, suitable at best for manicure and pedicure is better to buy a more reliable.

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The stated power and speed to 30 000 rpm also feel failed: the device draws on the strength of 15-20 thousand rpm at maximum speed.

Tip disappointed: with regular use, latch attachments quickly becomes unfit for use for nearly a year’s use already a couple of times it repaired the spouse.

If you work more than 30 minutes the body begins to heat up significantly. You have to constantly take breaks to «rest». After 10 months of use the engine is completely stopped to pull over about 5000 rpm, which is insufficient even for everyday manicure.

The pros and cons


  • compact;
  • adapted to our power grid;
  • convenient to use;
  • low price;
  • the choice of operation mode: manual or foot pedal;
  • there are field reversible.


  • defective nozzles;
  • low power;
  • unreliable fastening system of nozzles;
  • the unreliability of the electric motor of the device (overheating, breakage).

Now, when the need arises to repair the device or to find another, more likely, will stop on the search for a new model.

With an average market value of salon treatment from 1000 rubles, the machine paid for itself several times already. Suitable for a beginner in hardware manicure, if the goal is to try.

But for regular use, especially for professional use recommend immediately look more powerful, albeit more expensive.

Once again, ordered on Aliexpress on the official website of the manufacturer Gustala here. I can also advise the epilator trimmer Kemei and apparatus for local darsonvalization skin.