Butterfly knife Pegasi

Chinese AliExpress store you can buy almost everything. From some of the acclaimed spinners and to do useful things.

The butterfly knife can be called a useful thing, he and the house will come in handy during the trip will not be wasted. But I bought it not for this, because shipping and transport of bladed weapons is prohibited not only in Russia but also in several other countries.

The contents

  1. Model
  2. Adjustment, setting and sharpening
  3. Now a little about the cost and delivery


Model knife butterfly, which was taken personally, I am not positioned as a weapon, as it isn’t sharp. But he can be a good accessory or gift for the gun enthusiast or fans of CSGO, because Ali is a model, just like the game.

Now consider the model purchased by me.

She comes in two weeks at uncomplicated «cold» film, quite abundantly covered with tape. The knife itself performed adequately.

Rotation is good ,but it can be adjusted by turning or twisting the hexagons, by which the blade is attached to the arms.

Adjustment, setting and sharpening

To adjust a small hex wrench or simply hex. Unfortunately, complete not deliver. Showing his friend, he wanted to buy the same. Color the arms blue. Depicts a skull with a green, quite frightening eyes.

The blade is not sharpened, blade holes as decoration. Closer to the base of the blades are painted butterfly signed «Benchmade USA». Paint peels off quite quickly, it can be noticed when performing tricks with it during the time or if they run he will often fall. Slezshie paint mostly visible on the mount and bottom on the handle where the hooked attachment.

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To perform stunts knife nice place to hurt them is almost impossible. Well, only if you drop it on a toe, or accidentally hit on the fingers. The knife is rather heavy, so any impact to them will be painful. The metal blades of sufficient hardness to the knife if you want you can sharpen.

Now a little about the cost and delivery

The cost of the knife is the cheapest model at the current rate (approximately 65 rubles to the dollar) is about 5.67$. The same cost and my model. Price of the most expensive 12.8$. Shipping came within two weeks or 14 days.

Also be aware that, though Aliexpress this knife is not marketed as weapons, customs could accept it as real, and to detain, for this you need to be ready.

By the way, fans of knives can still recommend Kkwolf — knife-copy of the legendary game CS. Again, bought on the official page of the manufacturer of the Pegasi on Aliexpress here.