Bumpers for the crib

During the search of products for her newborn baby on the website AliExpress here on this page came across a very interesting double-sided skirting for the crib company one. It consists of 6 colorful animal drawings on both sides.

The information was age, for which the intended side, from 0+. Ordered this product here. The order was to the city of Kazan 1 month by regular mail, despite the fact that the shipping was paid. I think that is a long time.

The contents

  1. Appearance
  2. Quality
  3. Price
  4. Conclusion


All drawings are clear, flat seams, threads do not stick out. Pictures on one side of the rim mainly suitable for newborns, as it is dominated by black and white drawings and patterns. They are represented by animals such as rabbit, lamb, cow and horse.

On the other side of the rim of the picture is represented by various animals (lion, elephant, grafikom, Hippo and monkey), plus in addition there is a small mirror.

Also the rail has the function of educational toys for kids: the lion rustling mane and ears, the Jumbo hobbit consists of colorful patches, the giraffe takes the head, the monkey takes the banana and eat the Squeaker.

You can use this children’s side and as a book , it is easily assembled and disassembled zigzag.


Fabric composition — polyester and cotton. The rim is very soft and pleasant to the touch. All pictures are clear and bright colors. There are laces for fastening on the bed, and only from the top side. Mirror soft, bent, well stitched.

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It was all neatly folded in a small package. When unpacking, there was no extraneous odor. After getting washed by hand, dried on the battery and walked the iron is not changed, all colors on the place. Hung the boards on one side of the bed (we have a playpen). Holding up well, safe for the baby.


The price was pleasantly surprised. This is a wonderful side for crib cost us only 5$. Recommend to anyone with small children, you will not regret. Very affordable price for this product.


We were insanely happy with our purchase one. Our son liked the rim, more love poshurshat a cub and delighted tweeters (though he still can’t click on it, is very small).

Play with the children’s side often, and yet, not boring. Very convenient that it is bilateral. When I turn to the other side responds like a new toy.

Of the minuses can be noted:

  • the small size of bartica;
  • laces for the ties on one side only, and is not always convenient.

Overall , I recommend this product, it is of good quality and at a low price. Again, took on Aliexpress here. I can still recommend children’s tent house with tunnel and swimming pool and highchair BAONEO.