Budget wireless headphones Meizu EP51

In the summer of last year began to actively engage in sports, but to listen to music during workouts through headphones was extremely uncomfortable – wire all the time strove to cling to something, to fly out of the nest phone, sometimes its length is simply not enough. The question arose on the acquisition of the wireless apparatus.

Bluetooth headphones for me always seemed to be something expensive and inaccessible, as, for example, the top Bluedio. In the shops prices start from 5 thousand rubles., cheaper not want to take – I thought these will only last for a month. Wrong!

I saw another wireless ears, asked. It turns out that this Meizu EP51, there are a total of 2 thousand rubles. on Aliexpress.

Unfortunately, the seller could not find, but the merchandise is popular to search out many other options. Bought here and, as it turned out, I was right.

The contents

  1. Packaging equipment
  2. Instruction in Russian
  3. How to connect to your phone or tablet
  4. The sound quality
  5. Opinion
  6. Videoobzor and compare

Packaging equipment

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Already a week and a half the headphones I got (it was from Moscow that surprising). In the Arsenal was white and red models, chose the second option. Came here this box, it is the unit itself, USB-cable + neat and, as it turned out, a very practical case. Also included were three pairs of ear cushions, the fourth pair on the headphones themselves (different sizes: XL, L, S, R — will fit any ears!).

Instruction in Russian

In the case lay a small leaf — user manual in English and Chinese. But if someone does not want to bother with a translation, here’s my brief in Russian:

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Three buttons on the control center: «+ » «Play» «-«:

  • Long press on «Play» (lights up blue light is flashing on the control center) – turn on, search for devices to pair via Bluetooth. Once everything is set up, the headphones emit a short beep and displays on the device charge indicator ears;
  • Repeated long press (lights up red light) is off;
  • Clicking on a «Play» — to put the track on pause/resume playback, or answer/end call.
  • Clicking on the » + » / » — » to add/reduce the playback volume. It should be noted that increasing the volume of the headphones at some point begin a loud and unpleasant beeping, have to turn up the sound already on the device. The reason is not clear to me.
  • Long press on «+»/»-» — plays the previous/next track respectively.

How to connect to your phone or tablet

To connect to a smartphone like any other device, you need the first time to produce them «mating» or mate. To do this, first turn on BlueToth on your phone by going to settings.

Next, take off necessarily(!) Meizu headphones and long press the PLAY button. They immediately will turn on, but the button don’t let go, hold another 5 seconds. After that, the headphones will be the characteristic signal and indicator led starts to flash rapidly in two colors, this means that our Mejzu headset is ready for pairing.

Now on the phone with one of the Top in the list of available Bluetooth devices should indicate the name EP51 or a new unknown device. If not try pressing the «Refresh» button here, or disable and then reenable Bluetooth.

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Just click on the name in the list of smartphone and expect to be fully connected, which for the first time can take up to minutes. Each time you re-enable the wireless connection will be established almost instantly.

A little note. If the phone or tablet to prompt for a password, just enter four zeros («0000»). It is a universal password and its usually request iPhones and iPads.

The sound quality

In this thread I’m no expert, but his assessment of the ladies. First, seeing the huge dynamics EP51, I relied on their bass. But after the first listen was really disappointed. Regular wired headphones from Huawei for 3 thousand RUB lower classes lose in the dry.

But of the positive qualities you can highlight the volume and good clear mid, juicy tops. In General, for wireless headphones in this price range, the sound quality is decent during training quite satisfied.

The microphone is also normal, the interlocutor hears normally as in a regular conversation through the phone’s microphone.


For all six months of active use with headphones, nothing happened: the wire is not bent, the lid from a microUSB input is not broken off (as some «theorists» promised), no scratches found.

Ear pads of size «R» sitting tight, with the active run not fall out of your ears. Soundproofing is perfect, unlike wired xiaomi. Charged from the computer for 50 minutes, enough for 2.5 – 3 hours with medium volume, even tried to charge from external batteries — same result. Behind each speaker is embedded a magnet, so after removing the headphones, you can hook on the back of his neck, not to pocket is an interesting practical solution.

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By the way, now you can even similar to Apple Airpods to take, such as headphones i7s.

In General, for a not so great price you get a very good product. Again, ordered on Aliexpress here here.

Videoobzor and compare