Budget dynamic microphone for vocals Maono

In today’s review will be presented dynamic microphone brand Maono for vocals with Aliexpress.

Since I have spare time from work doing vocals, I had to buy a microphone, on the advice of friends I needed it dynamic.

Without hesitation, I went to the nearest store but were available only to professional and with prices higher than 2000 rubles, you have to understand, I needed a budget option and not inferior in quality to more expensive branded devices for vocals.

Since I often order different products from Aliexpress, I made the decision, the microphone is also available with Ali. Overview this unit Maono Professional AU-K04 I wrote just now, and I got it 2 months ago, as I remember it was delivered to my city of Orenburg in 22 days.

I ordered it for personal use in my spare time I sing at home, connected to the amplifier and to the computer. Manufacturer — MAONO, the sound, I can say, is not even bad, some of the more expensive microphones even no different, it can be used as a karaoke, but I connect through a separate amplifier — sound card Tascam 144, wire length is 6 meters, which is very convenient.

In General, I can say: who is interested in this kind of technique, here is a link to the microphone on Aliexpress. Definitely suggest to buy a microphone cost only 1,200 rubles, which is very budget.

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