Budget, but very good smartphone Realme 3 Pro

From may 2019, I began to look for a good smartphone in the range to 250$. At the end of 13 June, the company Realme came to the Russian market. After reviewing the lineup, I chose the Realme pro 3, and three months later I am happy that I bought this smartphone.

The company Realme is a sub — brand of the popular Oppo, which is already included in the BBK (it also comes with OnePlus and Vivo). In short, the smartphones of the Corporation are sold very well worldwide, especially in China and India. So as the realme I had no doubt. Buying a product I here on this page on Aliexpress.

The seller is the official representative of the Realme Official Store, which has great reviews. There are warehouses in Russia, so came smartphone me for about a week. In addition, there is a guarantee. This is a big plus.

The contents

  1. Equipment and appearance
  2. General characteristics
  3. Display and camera
  4. How it in games
  5. Battery
  6. Sound
  7. Opinion and the rest
  8. Video

Equipment and appearance

The smartphone came in a box with a nice design. Included besides it was manual, power supply with cable at 20 watts. By the way, the phone is charged to 50% in just 30 minutes.

Was also tight silicone cover. On the smartphone glued factory film. The housing cover is plastic, there is a gradient pattern. Themselves metal frame, so the phone is fairly sturdy.

Bottom headphone Jack, speaker, and unfortunately, Mirco-Usb. This is definitely a minus, but at least he kompensiruet support fast charging. There is also a fingerprint scanner. The materials and Assembly is very high quality for such prices.

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General characteristics

The screen is 6.3 inches. It is an optimal diagonal, and «shovel» it can not be called.

Display and camera

IPS matrix, quite good color rendition. See, for example, films are very nice. The range of brightness is large. Features a teardrop-shaped cutout for the front camera «of monopoly».

Dual camera: 16mp + 5MP IMX519. There is a slow motion 960 fps. Frontalka 25мп.

Example photos from your phone Really 3 Pro:

In General, the camera is just great for the money, the pictures are bright and of high quality. When comparing with other smartphones in this price range, realme 3 pro almost always wins. The video is available in 4K 60 fps.

As for iron, there is a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 710 2.2 GHz and graphics Adreno 616. Pulls all on hurrah.

How it in games

Any games come with excellent performance. Friezes are also missing. The smartphone is heated not strongly and discomfort and trolling is not the cause.

Lovers to spend time in the game. Under normal tasks like scrolling, browser, still super. Firmware here Color OS 6.0, which is taken from the big brother Oppo. Firmware nimble and very flexible to configure. Also has a very nice design.


Battery here at 4045 mAh. The phone is very tenacious, I quietly open all day from morning to evening, although I use it quite often.

By the way, compared with competitors Realme works almost better than anyone. Well, as I said before, the charging speed of lightning here, especially for the money. In addition, the block 20 watts from complete. In General, the battery and the battery life here is decent.

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As for the sound, it’s not perfect. It is quite loud and bulky, but the quality leaves much to be desired. Stereo through external speakers is missing, although for this price I did not expect to see him. The sound in headphones is of high quality. For fans there is a wireless APTX.

Opinion and the rest

Owning a smartphone for 3 months, I folded a certain impression of him. It is a pleasure to use every day. I have absolutely no regrets about the purchase.

One of the obvious advantages here: excellent performance, camera, battery life and charging speed, Oh, and nice display.

The minuses for me, I found only two:

Missing NFC and Usb connector Type-C. But overall, I can recommend this smartphone to anyone who can close their eyes to such cons. Realme pro 3 is ideal in terms of price to performance.

And I think it has little to no worthy competitors in the same range. Once again, I bought it on Aliexpress here at the official representative of the brand.

I can also recommend at the same time powerful portable speakers TG-118 40 watts of real power to bring quality music to picnics and to the country, as well as wireless headphones Havit i93, which will make listening to music from your smartphone Realme Pro 3 is almost perfect!