Bring in cheap PC gaming — 2019

I recently had a task from his friend to collect inexpensive cost or simply cheap gaming computer for him, but that pulled many games fine, albeit not at maximum capacity, but it is «playable».

However, he voiced thousands of commercials, budget 10-15 rubles (or 180-250$ for that course).

In the computer stores it in the answer just twisted a finger at a temple or offered to buy an office version, like «something out of games all the same pull.»

And he needed it quite a modern toy. For a good budget any fool will collect at least the coolest and powerful. And if we can? And which option would be most beneficial…

Naturally, I turned to Aliexpress… so there you go:

The contents

  1. Permanent memory SSD
  2. The socket is LGA 1156
  3. Processor
  4. RAM
  5. Power supply
  6. Video card
  7. The system unit and OS
  8. Game
  9. Opinion and conclusion
  10. Video: overclocking Xeon

Permanent memory SSD

We choose KingDian brand SSD, as most proven. M2 to buy does not make sense and even kind of silly. But about the HDD, I generally keep quiet, because it is already a dying old technology.

I would like to get to 240 Gigabytes, but… the budget. So order on Ali here on the 120 GB. Windows 10 all main programs and a few games will be fine, else you can throw on an external hard drive or eventually will buy another one for storage.

The socket is LGA 1156

Frankly, not a very popular socket LGA 1156 motherboard, but I choose it based on the parameters given.

For the price of this Asus P7H55-M is$ 60 and where’s the catch, You ask? And that’s where…

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Order at this link all in the same place in China.


It’ll save on the «do not play», while not at the expense of capacity. Take server CPU Xeon X3440, 4 cores and eight threads, support SSE 4.2, which means that the excellent work of all modern games.

All of the processors for such mothers can view and order here on Aliexpress. You can set the percent the Intel i7, but for the price you know.

Cooler need any «tower» design, there are many options.


Decided to take an 8 GB two laths on 4 GB DDR3 1333 Megahertz. Choose here any options. You can take the famous brands, but more expensive — choice for the buyer always.

I chose cheap Veineda, because I do not see sense to overpay for the brand, and they all still work the same Nec chip from one factory.

Power supply

But BP had better go and take in the nearest computer shop. You can just their body, if you need it. Ali to take power is proven many times, always declared capacity does not correspond to 30-40%, and even twice!

You need to take 400 Watts, the easiest and cheapest.

Video card

The most important thing in a gaming PC is the graphics card, the heart of a computer gamer. On reflection, I settled on the Asus GTX-750 Ti for$ 50. If you have the opportunity add quite a bit to choose 920 or even 1060 Busy. All of their prices immediately and can be viewed on this link.

The system unit and OS

So, sistemnik game, but cheap ready. According to the calculations clearly entered within the specified price range. Installed Windows 10 or 7 — who is watching…

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Here are some settings must be in the utility CPU-Z:

The Xeon processor easily accelerates to 3.8 GHz in a few clicks the video below.


Our next samodelov pull toys with these parameters:

  • DotA: at max with 70-80 FPS and the average is 100;
  • Asasin original: HD with highest settings and FPS 38, FullHD podplyvaet, of course;
  • Well, the most popular TANKS! FullHD, max settings SD client. Fuck tanks just fine, when you enable zoom on some maps fps sags on the top ten. A number of maps and HD client is fine;
  • GTA 5 on maximum settings, full HD and FPS 50+. Even 60+ is normally pulled, but when they’re complete trash in the game with blood and lights, a bunch of people and machines, then prasadam to fifty fps;
  • FarCry: full HD, maximum settings and the fps floats 49-60, medium — 53.

After several hours of play the graphics card is about 53-54 degrees just warm enough. In many hapletah the processor is loaded on 100%.

Opinion and conclusion

The Xeon processor is excellent pulling toy, no need to say that he is a server and nothing for the gamer is not interesting, it’s really not.

And even for quite small money you can collect quite a PC game even in 2019! Just need a little to think a head, to wash my hands in the business!

Video: overclocking Xeon