Bright winter baby boots for spring and autumn

I had to buy the spring bright boots. Shops expensive. Price as for an adult, decided to look on Aliexpress.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Quality and comfortable wear
  3. About the size and reliability in use

Where to buy

The child’s leg stout, no lift, so not all shoes will fit. Long chose the model. Decided and ordered for 520R shoes lace-up and zipper at the same time brand from the seller Balala Balala Princess Store. Here is a direct link to the product on Ali.

Since shipping from China is very long, was a sad experience, has issued a package in the winter. In 39 days, including 5 days waiting for dispatch. Came packaged in two cellophane package, factory and postage, without box and pupyrchatoy film.

The road is slightly wrinkled. There was a Ding on the spout, later straightened. No smell, stains, paint does not smell. Light as Slippers. Little they were appreciated and tried. Wears with pleasure.

Quality and comfortable wear

At the beginning of the wearable artificial leather top boots were a little hard, and later become softer.

Both clasps are functional. Turned out to be convenient. Fixed the width of the Shoe girth of laces and fastens on the zipper.

Material. The top is made from faux patent leather. Lining of the two types of tissue. One like rubber, the second is similar to the synthetics. The additional insole is missing.

The soles of the boots are glued with a thickness of 1 cm, the pattern on the outsole are deep.

Laces high quality, long. Well drawn. Sewed neatly as possible to China. Shevchiki smooth with no extra holes. Stitched nylon thread, a few stuck out, but not much.

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About the size and reliability in use

Dimensional grid correspond to the dimensions Took 23 size, on the insole 15 cm with a margin of a few centimeters.

In the spring tested for durability, wear now in the fall. Worn in rainy weather.

The seller’s description was truthful, not wet. Measured the puddles up to 3 cm deep, the leg remained dry. 1-1.5 hours outside in +9 on one sock, leg warmer, dry. In warmer weather can sopret.

The spouts on the Shoe during the operation is a bit scratched, rubbed corners and tongue. Sole everywhere the whole place when I came in. On the heels while wearing formed folds, but that was probably our fault. Taken with a margin of 2.5 cm. The fabric inside is all intact, no scuffs.

Once again, buying these children’s winter boots on Aliexpress here. I can also recommend here is a costume for a little girl of pure cotton dresses for little girls PudCoco.