Bright lamp wall led GoodLand

Wall lamp down light made in modern minimalist design, very lovely on the wall, especially if you don’t need bright colors and you love all things modern.

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  • Types and models
  • The kit and installation
  • Opinion
  • Types and models

    In the shop there are various combinations of parameters – size, power, voltage, cold or warm white light output.

    My choice: polished chrome, lamp length – 40cm, power 5W, warm white light 21 led, under standard network 220W.

    The kit and installation

    Message from site administration, Limpopo: please note, on our website there is a more recent and detailed review about this led light GoodLand.

    The kit contains a set of mounts on wall (bracket, 2 wall plug with screws) and schematic, but understandable instructions for connecting to the network. In my model there is no network cable and the switch button, as previously already had wiring from a wall switch. Bracket for wall mounting neatly hid all the wires and the hole in the wall.

    Mounted over the bed, light weight lamp has facilitated the question of mounting is attached directly to the Styrofoam with the putty and Wallpaper and kept well.

    Svetotochek was surprisingly bright and it is enough for small jobs, crafts or reading. Swivel mechanism allows you to change the position of the line of LEDs within a 90 degree (up/down) that will be very useful when used as a lamp above the mirror in the bathroom, in the hallway. But in these cases it is better to choose white cool type of led lights that will ensure a real transfer and a greater degree of brightness.

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    The mirror surface of the housing for the lamp usage time (over 4 months) has not changed, no the led is not burned out.

    I ordered a lamp in one of the periods for the sale of 15.96.e, therefore, the goods I was carrying little more than a month means free delivery. Packaging – the traditional tight package, a package with some bubble wrap and shipping foam. Nothing broken, not bent, not scratched. Now I want to order ceiling led chandelier on the remote control, so it will be generally a frenzy, almost a «smart house».


    Purchase still satisfied, because in the Russian BuildMarket and shops of this model is almost 2 times more expensive and the choice is much poorer.

    By the way, recently my friends have bought similar, but on batteries, as the wiring in their opinion very much would break the beauty of the wall. But the brightness of it turned out to be much weaker, so think for yourself… Bought in the official manufacturer’s page here on Aliexpress.

    Device brightness, click to enlargetop Viewside Viewthe Website, Limpopo upstairs LEDs Themselves, bottom view