Breathable sports knee pads Honeycomb Pad

Just a couple of months ago, maybe a bit more, we finally came our long-awaited goods so hard, I would even say anguish! (this is the first thing bought online, but not as usual in the shops «around the corner», that is, to put it simply, offline, therefore, most likely, and there was not enough of any unexpected complications).

But about the ordering process a bit later and in more detail. In my opinion, is like the step-by-step description of our purchase will be, I think on 99, 9%* useful to many users, and we have never been faced with the making of things through the world wide web, online stores shocking in its diversity and product range, and sellers, and producers ….

So, what do we still ordered and got the result… And this is a pretty interesting product, the goal and intended purpose — to serve faithfully to protect the feet, knees, ligaments during games, workouts and other things, which is the place to be active, movements and the risk of injury when performing any maneuver actions.

In principle, it would probably be better to leave the direct link on Aliexpress themselves knee pads for sports — thus, each user himself quickly and without problems will be able to see firsthand what I here it on the lead.

Where to buy

Turning to Ali, I saw a sea of what specifically was looking for, it’s not hard; using the search on the site to access the desired page, making the elementary input key words «required» .

Full name brought to our view, that is the item card, on the seller’s website looked like this:»Breathable Sport Flexible Basketball Shooting Arm Sleeve Elbow Support Honeycomb Pad Support Pads Protect Cycling Sports Safety» — a cumbersome and at first glance nothing says.

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At first I literally did not understand what you read and how it all very long the phrase of a certain number of letters people remember, then, if they liked the description and composition of the product, vertitsja to it again..

Next — juicy bright pictures — they can not attract attention and do not like it! Indeed, does the product attractive on the shelves of the shopping center, unfortunately, everything is different and not as eye pleasing.

A little lower, dropping the mouse, I noticed the sketches of the plan:looks like the leg in the knee, what kind of sport is, in principle, is the place to be for their direct use, etc.

The quality and materials these options are also listed on the page, labor will not understand what made the thing… part of the fabric of these knee pads was: Polyester, Spandex, and the functions from the manufacturer for the fabric claimed as airtight elastic — in General anything surprising and extraordinary for sports wear.

But pleased, still would not, because the price — it’s cheaper at least than 2-3 times, if you compare again with the shopping malls!What I paid close attention:the knee pads from a number of «unisex» so they will be in time, and to the son and daughter, and this is a significant plus — we are not rich people, and therefore saving, you know, must be economical..

In short, the choice was made, the preference is given, now the size of…

And then began:not very convenient that the website, the card of the product itself that is in English sizes also in unusual for me personally, the format contains a heap of any not clear characters (this is the whole hitch, which most fail to determine), so long tossed about, not knowing what way generally a person focuses not wrong, orders not blindly, but under their settings.

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Unable to stand, nerves handed over, at your own risk and stopped for the usual «M-ke», on reflection, because in other Chinese stores we all came here, must be lucky!)Why not! Order means! Again, on Aliexpress here.

Step two: checkout

Here we suffer — what actually wrote at the beginning… Yes, as it turned out, for a beginner to handle, like with the simple input of numbers, letters, in Latin, is extremely time-consuming and intricate process.

First you need to register to those who have, for example, in the social.networks uchetku, not expensive…and the Other should have a complete report from A to z…we Have the first option, consequently just are logged in. then click on the «Buy Noy» , in other words, buy now…

And away:as the product was an action, the time of delivery why it is stretched, but on the website was different and stood days to 2 months by regions of the Russian Federation! Not happy, but what can you do…

Action is action — people see it all business much to strive to catch, as the cost dropped still much… And at that time amounted to 230 rubles., now even less. Paid card — there are no special nothing…UFF-FF….like all. Exhaled.

This time disappointed, waited longer than the allotted time, more than 2 months. Received but no notification in the Inbox, we here at the Department of PR. The order came properly wrapped in the usual cellophane. With regard to type and quality:these parameters are fully consistent with what is described on the website of the seller, no complaints.

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Still it makes sense to make such a purchase, despite all the little things, difficulties in the design, to the prolonged delivery. The cost of even very attractive, and the selection and quality, if you look at the height. After months of use, pads have not lost their former shapes, colors after washing. you there is no pilling and stretching forms!

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