Bread maker REDMOND RBM-M1920

Long dreamed of a natural and delicious bread. That is why looking for an inexpensive and reliable option of such product as bread.

In the shops the price of this product starts from 6000 rubles and higher. I went on Aliexpress and saw a very cute model who has had a lot of positive reviews (over 800). In the photos attached to the reviews, were shown beautifully toasted bread, cooked in a REDMOND RBM-M1920.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Equipment
  3. Features
  4. How to cook
  5. Additional features
  6. Toast
  7. Kashi
  8. Conclusion

Where to buy

On the day of purchase I was lucky, since the furnace was 42% and purchase cost me 4639, 42 rubles instead of the more than seven thousand. The product purchased here on this page on Aliexpress TMALL.

The delivery was carried out through TMALL.Courier delivered to door on the second day after the order. The product was well packaged in a zip pack and a cardboard box. The parcel weight is 5.6 kg.


The kit includes: the device of Redmond, form to shape the cakes, scoops, paddle for the creation and mixing of the dough (2 pieces), a small device for easy extraction of the blade from baking, instruction and service book store with a guarantee. Manufacturer’s warranty to two years.

Housing bread maker REDMOND RBM-M1920 is made of metal. The model is equipped with an LCD display which shows the necessary information about the running program and time.


With regard to performance, power is 550 watts. Protection against electric shock — class I. Electronic control type. Anacronistica memory 10 minutes.

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There is a function delay start up to 15 hours and autophotography to 60 minutes. Length of cord 1 meter. The dimensions of the furnace 322Х310Х233мм. Control mode mechanical timer. Furnace weight 4.5 kg.

From REDMOND RBM-M1920 is 25 automatic programmes allowing you to cook a delicious bread at home with minimal cost.

There’s a handy option to select the doneness of the crust (light, medium and dark).

Often portrayed middle and light brown. Dark looks like bread badly burnt.

How to cook

The preparation of bread in this model – it’s a nice creative process. You can knead bread with various additives, which are at hand.

Elegance and taste is sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, raisins, nuts, poppy. The main advantage is that flattening the dough, I know that there are no harmful additives in it.

Retrieves the loaf just doesn’t stick to the sides and bottom. An advantage of this model is that after the program has finished, you hear a pleasant beep.

Pastries from the bread maker REDMOND does not compare with the one sold in stores. The bread is much better and more fragrant. It is convenient that I can cook when required. I tried once to bake the holiday cake. It turned out very tasty, thick and have a consistency close to regular cakes.

I like the fact that the bread in this model, it turns out always! Tried to cook French, rye, white air. Like the recipe «Sour bread» for a small amount of ingredients and rich taste. Got a great result and happy family.

Blades knead the dough in such a way that for any given program, the bread is baked through evenly and quickly.

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Often use a warm up program that helps to get a fresh and warm bread. Convenient delay start function allows you to run the program I baking when the bread will be baked at a specified time.

I used to Redmond pretty quickly. For any housewife it’s nice when all the dirty work for the kneading is done for you automatically. Only need to fill up all the ingredients in a bowl and set the desired program. By the way bowl-baking dish with a non-stick coating, easy to clean and not scratched.

Additional features

In addition to the direct purpose breadmaker is able to prepare delicious yoghurts, biscuits, milk, rice, pasta and other cereals, and even soups.

It completely eliminates the need to use the multicooker Redmond, which now is my idle.


We as a family love to have toasted bread for Breakfast, so I often use the program «Bread for sandwiches». Only do not put a dark crust, otherwise the bread looks badly burnt.

The evening lay all the ingredients in a bowl assistant Redmond and press «delay start» and for Breakfast we get a fresh loaf, the aroma of which gives wonderful mood for the whole day and cheerfulness.


Also simple to prepare oat porridge consisting of oatmeal, sugar, salt and milk. According to the same recipe is cooked and rice porridge, the only difference is that the main ingredient is rice. Everything else is added as Herculean porridge. Surprisingly, this bread maker works great, even goulash with meat!


Model breadmaker Redmond is very simple and easy to manage, if you carefully read the recipes and follow the dosage of all ingredients. Standard baking time of bread in an average of 3-4 hours. No need to make any effort to ensure to enjoy a homemade freshly baked bread!

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With this wonderful bread maker feels like baking more often. A great product of the company — guarantee high quality and reliability.

This bread — a great helper in the kitchen, because it saves time and effort. Moreover, for its low price, this model has surpassed all expectations. I recommend to purchase all Housewives. Again, bought on Aliexpress Tmall here. I can also recommend the grill press Vitek and accurate kitchen scale WH-B05 in order to put the ingredients very accurately!