Brass mixer WANFAN with a separate faucet for water filter

Choosing a faucet for the new kitchen is serious business. And, as it turned out, very costly.

I once saw a mixer tap for drinking water, 2 — in — 1. But the price of 8000 rubles in the shops of the city. It is very expensive for me, but the option with freestanding faucet filter is also not satisfied.

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Where to buy

As always, the way out was found — I saw on Aliexpress mixer brand WANFAN exactly what we were looking for! And the price is reasonable, 2 times lower.

Sellers are many varieties and models of faucets too.

The first thing I paid attention to the reviews, a very long time to read and study.

Finally decided with the seller WANFAN, here is his official page on Ali. Long could not decide what color to get — I really wanted white, but the reviews are 1 or 2 students wrote that there was a defect of the coating, for this I decided to stay in the color metallic silver. A win-win.

The mixer can be purchased in different colors and choose the delivery from Russia, USA or China. I chose the most fast and cheap.

After payment, the seller WANFAN sent the item on the 3rd day. 5 days after sending I got a call from the courier to arrange delivery. Brought home the same day.


Crane WANFAN was Packed in a cardboard box with a foam insert. Together with the mixer had all the necessary accessories: 3 hose for water connection, washers and gaskets. Also attached installation instructions.

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The mixer was very heavy — about 3 kg, inside white metal is 100% brass. No defects. Stylish and beautiful.

The mixer is quite bulky, spout height 32 cm, I think, not suitable for not deep sinks, can spray water.

Husband installed and said that it is inconvenient to screw the water hoses, due to the deep location of the holes do not tighten with a key, only manually.

But in spite of that water is not leaking and the faucet is working properly. All the components are good quality, not had or what to buy yourself. That is the principle of the filter connection:

In the operation of the mixer showed a good side, when you turn on the water noise, the water flows smoothly and is well regulated thanks to toggle lever which works very smoothly.

Drops of water, dries with spots on body but care of the mixer is not complicated — simply wipe with a dry cloth.

Only downside: on the website and in the instructions describes that the drinking water is supplied by the rotation of lever movement «to oneself», «myself», it isn’t very convenient, as it rests on the wall. Don’t know whether it is marriage, but to find out from the seller was neither the time nor the inclination. The functionality is not affected, everything works fine.


The seller and the goods of the brand WANFAN recommend. Again, here is a link to the official on Aliexpress.

The price of the mixer at the time of purchase 3.883 RUB Still recommend touch liquid soap dispenser Xiaomi and kitchen scale WH-B05.

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