Box-ogranayzer for jewelry and jewelry BalleenShiny

Like all girls, I have absolutely inexplicably accumulated a large number of very diverse jewelry. In order to keep all of this joy in one place I bought a box for storing jewelry and other products of the brand BalleenShiny.

Found her quickly enough, drew a affordable price, plus a photo in the store looked good. Decided, ordered and paid 400 rubles. Sending in Ishim was about three weeks.

Now, six months later, can you tell us about your experience, because despite the fact that it is in General I like it, still has its disadvantages, bought here on the official website of the manufacturer.

The contents

  1. A little about appearance
  2. Convenience and sizes
  3. Price and where to buy

A little about appearance

When folded it looks like a small tube the size of a brush. Clasp — push button mechanism, has been doing well (somehow she kept in her bag, did not deploy).
The colors are different, you can pick out the color of the handbag/interior/optional. In my case, it’s purple.

The material from which made the box — flock. It is pleasant to the touch and not very dirty. It looks neat, not gaudy but not like a sleaze.

In the disclosed form there are three Department, is like a little mini-boxes. They are deep enough to fit several types of knickknacks. You can still apply for Polish.

Convenience and sizes

If box organizer completely folded down and close the clasp, it takes up very little space. Can fit in purse, and in the average of the clutch; and it does not weigh absolutely nothing.

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However, the small sizes mean that a great number of jewelry won’t fit, so if you have a large supply of all sorts of jewelry, you should not expect that they will easily fit in the box.

Another shortcoming is the lack of dividers in the upper or lower compartment (I think, 2-3 vertical separator, at least one of the compartments would be nice, as chains/bracelets are confused).

Price and where to buy

About the price. In my opinion, it is slightly overpriced. It seems to me that if you spend enough time, you can find something better on Aliexpress for the price. For example, you can look on this page.

Overall, BalleenShiny is a good intermediate option for girls who have not so many ornaments to buy the surround box, but can’t keep them in little tiny boxes.