Boat — toy Hurricane on the radio

Decided to please yourself and your little nephew an interesting toy in the spring, which could play in the pond outdoors. Naturally, the choice fell on the RC boat with battery and good range. After reading several reviews, decided to try the products of the company Hurricane, and booked it.

The machine was purchased on Aliexpress here for $11.89. This discount price. Sending by China post with track number. Shipping from China to Russian customs 10 days to mailbox 18 days. Packed in its original branded packaging with instructions in Russian, 2 spare various screws are not interchangeable (left-right). In my experience games with a quadcopter you know what the screws is very important!

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    The boat Hurrican

    The toy is made of durable plastic. Compartment to install the battery, a rechargeable lithium battery. In order to perform charging of the battery on the upper deck there is a connector closed with a rubber plug.


    Remote control, more pics at the bottom of the article

    Switching on and off of the toy is a miniature switch located on the deck. Remote control made of durable plastic. On the front controls model: 2 keys – rocker control the direction of motion of the model, switch panel and 2 LEDs: «to enable the remote» green led «charging mode» red led.

    To the right is a folding cover, under which lies the charging cable of the boat. The back is a battery compartment for 4 AAA elements, i.e. even the internal battery to be replaced without disassembling the device impossible, but to use their batteries or just bought batteries will not be difficult.

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    Antenna telescopic extendable long 50 cm


    The two screws rotate in the opposite direction

    The movement of the boat is rowing 2 screws located on the shafts of electric motors. Move forward or backward by a simultaneous rotation of the screws. Move forward — left rotates left, right, right. During the backward motion – left and right rotates right left rotates. This solution keeps the course straight.

    When turning while driving the button is pressed direction and pressed the button to rotate right or left. One of the screws off, turn going to a large radius, not cool. Turn on the spot by pressing the corresponding button, the key «forward – backward» must be released. The screws rotate in the same direction, the reversal of the steep, almost on the spot.


    The view from the top

    On the water the toy is holding up well, the lateral wave is not swallowed radio-controlled boat. There were 3 cases that deck for a short time filled with water, but the boat stayed afloat and kept working. The model’s speed on the water about 4 km/hour. Charge in about 1 hour from the remote control, and charging from a charger for a cell phone with the appropriate connector from the USB port of the computer.

    Before charging the boat must be turned off, if the switch is in the «ON» position, the boat will not be recharged. The charge lasts no more than 10 minutes of work. That the internal battery is low and visually noticeable is the speed of the boat drops, but it continues to move for some time. The maximum distance of 30 metres, replaced the antenna, put longer. Range increased to 40 metres if the antenna is 1 meter. The degree of «freshness» of the batteries does not affect the range, when over-discharged batteries the remote will not turn on. Instead of batteries use rechargeable batteries successfully.

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    Great toy, company Hurricane can be recommended as a producer of high-quality and inexpensive toys!

    View the product card and price on Aliexpress >>

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