Bluetoth headset Xiaomi Mi Headset Basic

Bought a wireless Bluetooth headset Xiaomi Mi Headset Basic on Aliexpress here for 700 rubles. To Moscow was a month, the goods in Russia has not been monitored. Received in the mail, the notice thrown in a drawer.

The contents

  1. Appearance
  2. Equipment
  3. Features
  4. The next point is the management of
  5. Conclusion
  6. Video


The thing is very beautiful and organic. Collected at altitude, no backlash and squeaks, white plastic good quality, pleasant to the touch. Easy product, a gum-liner is soft and comfortable.

Over two hours of continuous wearing, the ear is not tired. There is nothing superfluous, aesthetically a very successful model.

Of the minuses can be noted a small and not very well positioned volume buttons.


Manufacturer Xiaomi Mi Headset Basic bothered about the Russian speaking population and has put the user manual in the Russian language, for which separate him thanks.

Because without guidance it is very difficult to understand in the headset, but more on that below.

Further all is standard — the device itself and a very short USB charging cord, literally 10 see All this Packed in a cardboard box, a removable gum in-ear, three pieces of different sizes.

Further, the transparent package of thick material, something between plastic and tape. It contains all information, certificate number and expiry date and so on.


The manufacturer claims that the Xiaomi Mi headset Basic Headset in talk mode for 3 hours, confirm.

Indeed, approximately three hours of calls it can withstand. Be charged fully in about two hours, is also true.

But the radius of 10 meters — is doubtful. I bought it specifically to talk over IP telephony via a computer.

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So, if you move away from the desktop three meters — the signal immediately weakens and the interlocutor complains that it is hard to hear. This is the main negative for me personally.

Another minus is the sound quality. Great speaker, there is no problem at all. I could hear the person even at the airport, in a very noisy place, no problem. But the microphone is weak.

Given the fact that the headset is small and takes a maximum of earlobe — the conversation turns a little “vague”, so I was told. But the noise reduction really is, though small.

The next point is the management of

The features are many I will not list them, they are all available on the website and in the descriptions.

I will say that it is even possible to listen to music and switch tracks with volume buttons.

There are many nuances in color of the indicator, which is quite difficult to understand (here the user just need!), I just don’t pay attention to him.

The main thing to remember two things — if the blue, all right, but if red, then it is time to charge. All other functions, such as merge calls, and forwarding really work.

Connecting the headset via bluetoth devices are my laptop and iPhone catch it quickly and efficiently. During the connection, the dynamics heard the funny voice of a Chinese girl.


For the money the product headset Xiaomi Mi Headset Basic is perfectly adequate, all functions of the headset work, build quality and appearance — all on 10 points.

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For me personally, was useless because I was not very good to hear the interviewee over IP telephony, and that’s exactly what I needed. In a normal conversation via phone this no, I heard well.

Now I use it when driving, or walking the dog. Speak all you want, but hands free. And no wires. Here are the conclusions. Time of use — three months. To buy Xiaomi headset recommend, you can buy here on this page.

Can still recommend headphones Xiaomi Mi Airdots killer Apple.