Bluetoth headphones Iskas S530

Some time ago, ordered on Aliexpress 3 pieces Bluetoth headset s530 firms Iskas price 6.37 $ apiece. They came by regular mail exactly 3 weeks after ordering.

The product was Packed in a air envelope. In the parcel was waiting for me a pleasant surprise — it added a women’s bracelet and 2 rings for attaching to phone blue and Golden colors. Thank you seller for this, a trifle, but nice. By the way, bought on Aliexpress here at the official seller Iskas.

The contents

  1. The quality and experience of using
  2. Comfort and ergonomics
  3. Conclusion
  4. Video

The quality and experience of using

Each earphone has a separate round package zipper, which gives the headphones had the manual and a short USB cable white.

What can you say about the headphones — they are very good. The frequency range is very wide, they can not only talk on the phone, and listen to music.


  • Version Bluetooth 4.1. Most modern at the moment option. Works with all previous versions and is the most sustainable. If You have a modern smartphone or tablet, it is best to use it;
  • 108 DB sensitivity — music lot to do really loud, when the recording quality is not very;
  • The battery is 50 mAh. According to the manufacturer, listening to music for about 3 hours without recharging, in standby up to 120 hours.
  • Well, impedance — 16 Ohms, there is nothing new, the standard parameter for small devices;
  • The increased water resistance type IPX7 IPX8 not here, swimming they will not fit. If you need a headset for swimming or showering, turn your attention to the review headset Lymoc.
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For the price the charge holds is also quite decent — I like the lender, whose job it is to call to verify the client’s solvency, the lack of a whole-of-charge throughout the working day, provided that for about an hour I have been listening to them on the way home and to work.

Promised 4 hours of talk time was not just a marketing ploy. The headset has been charged for 1.5-2 hours.

Comfort and ergonomics

It (earpiece) very easy to use – it does not cause special attention and can be run without fear of dropping it at high speed.

A button on the side of the panel responsible for answer and hang up with one touch. Long holding enables and disables it, and short hold can change its language from Chinese to English, or Vice versa.

On the phone screen, notification panel, shows the graphical battery and can be easily understood, whether it is worth the charge.

Each plugging and unplugging of the headset is accompanied by a English voice. In addition, when a connected state, each call is accompanied by the dictation of the caller, which is very convenient while driving. At a distance of 10 metres connection problems is not particularly observed.

The model S530 is available in three colors:

  • White;
  • Black;
  • Pink-brown, as in my case.


3 headset set worth 19.11 $ and with discount cost me 17.99 $. In any case, the product is very good and worth the money. Again, bought on the official page of the brand Iskas at Aliexpress.


The video is not mine, just interesting talks and shows:

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