Bluetoth earbuds or drops from G FYE5

In the vastness of the Chinese stores a huge number of headphones in different formats. I needed wireless so-called «Droplets» or «Ear» since I’m already not the first year I am suffering due to breakage of wires. And especially to spend a lot I didn’t. In General, after advice from friends and feedback, I chose Matte FYE5.

The contents

  1. Overall impression
  2. Equipment and appearance
  3. The sound quality
  4. The case and the autonomy of the headset
  5. The rest
  6. Summary
  7. Video

Overall impression

Own headphones Portable I for about two months, but several of my friends bought them at the time of the appearance on Aliexpress (6-7 months ago). And still happy with them.

In short, just the top headphones for the money, and I bought them for 2000 roubles here on this page Aliexpress, by the way, was discounts when you could grab it even cheaper.

In General, I believe that it’s not a big price for not a bad headset. Of course this is not a professional headphone for lovers of super high-quality sound, but I still like it. In General, the impression from them after two months of use I have been very good. Well, and then I will paint every aspect of this headset in detail.

Equipment and appearance

Headphones Matte FYE5 came in a regular cardboard box. Complete nothing usual. Headphones themselves the case, which is used for charging and storage. Cable Mirco usb for charging. Well, a couple of sleeves.

With regard to the materials, of course, for the price I was expecting anything over expensive. Case small, plastic, has some nice terrain in the black version (in blue this is not), the headphones are also cheap plastic, but there is a light indicator charging.

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But, in principle, the quality as for the Chinese, pretty good. Case pleasant to hold in hands. Has excellent ergonomics as the case and headset.

The sound quality

Well, I suppose the most important criterion for almost everyone who chooses headphones.

Since G FYE5 completely wireless headphones that are not very expensive, the sound is not perfect. There is a very slight deafness, and the volume is not particularly felt. Low frequencies pass is not much, but high and average it is not bad. Personally, I’m happy.

At medium volume there’s kind of the sound quality. It is worth noting that the sound also depends on the phone itself, to which the headphone is plugged in.

I have a Xiaomi phone Mi 8and the tablet Xiaomi mi Pad 4 Plus and overall I’m happy. Heard even nice bass. To summarize. In my opinion, the sound is not the best but not disgusting. Smooth middle.

I like it, although I’m not too choosy in this matter. Can you recommend headphones, for example, those who want to brighten up the time in public transport. Lovers perfect sound, they will not fit.

The case and the autonomy of the headset

Works Great, via bluetoth headset for about 2-3 hours. If we consider the job complete with dozaryadka to the briefcase, these are about 18 hours of work, you just need to insert the earphones in their place and the charging starts automatically.

Then just take them out and they automatically connect to the phone if it is Bluetooth enabled. The volume of headphones is about 60 mAh, the volume of the battery 400 mAh.

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As I said, the case is made of plastic with a pleasant relief. The colors are black and matte. For me that’s a plus. There is a charging indicator light (1 blinking – 25%).

The size of it is not great. It is convenient to take with you. The lid on the magnets is very hard. You could even say that it is quite difficult to open with one hand, you need prilovchitsya to do it. As for charging, the headset is charging a little over an hour. The case is being charged less than two hours.

The rest

Of pleasant things the model is Great, FYE5 — supports IPX 6, that is, the claimed protection from water and splashes (but I didn’t dare to check it).

There is support for Bluetooth version 5.0, but no aptX, but who needs this aptX? :).

Headsets have the LEDs periodically flash blue when connected to the phone, red if charged in the case, blue-red, if you are not in it, but I don’t see the device to which you can connect.

The connection is quick. First, so the left headphone to the right and then right to the phone. Bluetooth works about meters to 7-9, then start interference.

The headphones are medium to stick in my ears if not to run, it will not fall out. But here each person differently. Very ergonomic normal. Also, there are active noise-DAV, so there are very little noise.


I am satisfied with these bluetoth Portable headphones FYE5, its main function – the transmission of sound they perform. And that is doing pretty good.

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Pleasant view, ergonomics, average sound. Useful things, for example, protection from moisture. In General, I think that for this price they are perfect. I’m not sure that they have worthy competitors.

Using this headset for a long time I can safely recommend it to those who are looking for not bad, completely wireless headphones. Here is a direct link to the page Aliexpress where I bought it is an official representative of the manufacturer on Ali.

Shop G — good. Feedback statistics proves it. Bought at the time I have them for $ 32, it was only two weeks.