Bluedio Vinyl Plus — serious wireless headphones from Bluedio

After a bad experience with Revolution headphones Bluedio from the company, I sincerely thought that more than anything and never buy from their product line. But I was wrong…

It turns out that the same company can create high-quality new products, and frankly bad. Basically, much depends on the specific line of products and the final retail price. Or maybe they created something really great, using the previous experience of failures.

The contents

  1. Buying on Aliexpress
  2. Reviews
  3. Equipment
  4. Microphone
  5. Comfort and ergonomics
  6. Battery and charging
  7. Connection and wireless connection
  8. Sound
  9. My review and impressions
  10. Plus or Premium?
  11. Where to buy
  12. Video

Buying on Aliexpress

We are talking about headphones Bluedio Vinyl, cost about 150$. I bought them from an authorized representative of Bluedio on Aliexpress here. However, before buying, I very long doubted and chose devices from other brands.

First went shopping downtown and listen to the sound right there. Liked the ears from JBL (do not remember the specific model), but still had some questions for comfortable wear, and price. But in one of the shops I saw a very stylish headphones from familiar Chinese firms, Bluedio, which at that time I had already put a cross.

But very they somehow took me by the soul as its appearance, convenience of landing on his head, and a number of other things about which I will tell below. But most of all I liked that sound.

I in phone have downloaded and installed the music with a very pronounced high and low frequencies, when left on the search for a new head unit. And what I heard, I have not heard before, no JBL, no Panasonic, no other brands. At least those that managed to get to test personally.

I am not going to describe the technical characteristics declared by the manufacturers, and so you’ll be able to find at the office.the resource or a representative on Aliexpress in the product description. Also, check out them at home is impossible. But I heard a really juicy treble and deep powerful bass.

Leaving the phone the sales assistant, I walked around the very large trading hall of shop, specially for wrapping columns and stands. Connection via Bluetooth is kept confident. Any failures and changes of the sound I have not noticed. But past sad experience has not given me peace, and I decided not to rush into buying. Moreover, the price in store was about$ 250, which is quite much for such a little-known Chinese brand.

Once home, I started looking for reviews online, and also checked prices in other stores and of course on eBay, Ali and other venues. Cheaper just got to take the official representative in Aliexpress, the more they represented a guarantee and fast shipping using EMS.


Feedback was much worse. By the summer of the 17th year, it was a relatively new model and was able to find only one piece of serious video testimonial in Russian. But in the English-speaking sector of the Internet there was something and had to recall all my knowledge of English to understand them. And I realized this:

The product Bluedio Vinyl, unlike the Revolution, was a very solid and high quality. Ergonomics, communication and sound quality — at altitude, talking about all the real owners of «Vinyl».

But it was other people’s opinions, but what there will be for vinyl? I decided and ordered, the choice fell on the black version with silver accents (Black) as they look more solid white with gold inserts (White). The seller sent quite quickly and after a couple of weeks I have stood on the threshold of the courier EMS.

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The seller sealed «the conscience» with several layers of cardboard and bubble film. But I think it was not too necessary, because the factory box of earphone is very reliable by itself. I now have bolts and screws in the garage!


The factory packaging is a different story. She is very beautiful and give such a gift will always be impressive. But that’s not all. Inside has excellent shockproof hard carry bag. In this bag I put my headphones folded during travels and journeys, so they are not damaged in a backpack or carry-on baggage. Bag with carabiner for fastening, zipper, mesh inside for wires and pressed on the body brand.

Still included were three wires: two standard 3.5 mm «male to male» to connect to the device directly (not via Bluetoth). I don’t know why two of them, but it is. The third is the wire extension cable 3.5 mm, where the length of the normal wire is not enough. All wires instill faith in their quality, they are very thick, soft, plastic, elastic and pleasant to the touch. By the way, they are 4-pin.

I would like to talk about another interesting feature of Vinyl… When they take the signal via Bluetooth and play sound in-they have a standard 3.5 mm plug. you can connect a normal wired headset and it turns out something like «share with friend». Very handy: imagine you are traveling with a friend on the plane or bus, turn on a movie and it is connected to your headset you will be able to see the movie, too!

Even included a usage guide in several languages. Pleased with the presence of normal is not broken Russian language, so that the setting and the main control buttons there are no problems.


The microphone also did not disappoint. Despite the fact that it is omnidirectional and cannot be put directly to the mouth, like most wired gaming headsets, sound from it is quite good, the sides satisfied.

As I wrote about not once mentioned Bluedio Revolution, where the microphone was just sucks and its difficult to make a General call microphone. Here everything is different. I don’t know what played a decisive role: the higher price or the company-manufacturer took into account their mistakes in earlier models, but now the audio device issues do not arise.

On the wires in the kit no microphone no.

Comfort and ergonomics

Headphones Vinyl quite comfortably sit on the head and good dim ambient sound. on ears do not press. Looks very stylish and expensive due to the metal, especially curly design elements that make the device recognizable.

As a signal of the operation mode performs only one led neatly, do not rush into the eyes, as many other models. Periodically flashes briefly, Recalling the mode of wireless communication.

Soft material around the headboard and lampshades are similar to real skin. At least half a year of very active use there are any scuffs or Microterminal, stating that it is leatherette, not leather. Burn to check not tried :).

Control buttons only three and they are quite enough. The first is a button on-off switch, it is also a pause button or answer an incoming call. The second and the third is a paired volume rocker, it is also a button to switch tracks.

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The buttons are well opredelyalsya to the touch, tactilely clearly monitored by the press, and they moved apart for a distance of 180 degrees of shade. So, to mix it is impossible to use and quite convenient.

Battery and charging

The charger was not included and this is understandable. You can use any memory from the phone, powerbank or USB connector. This stuff is all at home full. Headphones charged via micro-USB at the bottom of the right «ear». No closing of the sealing rubbers are not provided and this, of course, a minus.

Another small negative… Perhaps it would be better to do not micro-USB, and gradually introduce new standard — micro USB. Personally, my Xiaomi phone 5S Premier is charged through the symmetrical USB-C, although still produced a large number of even the new models of smartphones and tablets with micro connector. Well, maybe they are now working on mass potrebitelja and eventually will reconsider this point.

Battery — here is one of the key resources that made me buy this model! Remember I said that first searched the Internet for reviews? Now, almost every review mentioned a long work from the battery. Well… the manufacturer declares 20 guaranteed hours when listening to music or communicating and 1100 (!) hours in standby mode.

I absolutely agree with this! The battery sat I only once use all the time when I especially long charged her, in order to see what happens. She stayed with me completely two days, roughly 12 hours and only at the end of the second day, I heard a muffled rare «bell» announcing the discharge. And the led started blinking periodically Reds. At the same time, just to get the Vinyl worked well and gave the bass (I’m persistent!), after saying goodbye disconnected.

Connection and wireless connection

Here, too, everything is fine. Ears can connect via Bluetoth with several devices and it is comfortable. When I’m working at the computer, in parallel listening to music in headphones, they are also connected to the phone. Thus, I do not miss a single SMS, no calls. To answer calls through them without having to turn the music down, because they automatically shut off during a call, after which immediately turn on.

Toggle buttons can switch the tracks to musical compositions and videos in standard Windows players 10, free KMPleer and other installed players. But in YouTube and Yandex Music this is not seen, unfortunately. With switching tracks on your phone with Android and iOS (iPhone) no problems. The volume level is always, regardless of the source.

When receiving the ringtone from the phone, in the ears sounds set phone ringtone on koncertnogo subscriber, not their built-in ringtone. This is convenient, because in most cases, even on the most ringtone can identify who is calling and to answer at once with one push of a button on the right ear.

The radius of the laptop at first was not very high: 5-6 meters and a maximum of one wall in the middle. Phone coverage was a lot more and I realized the thing: in the laptop module is installed Bluetoth outdated version 3.0 . Then I bought a laptop additional USB «whistle» Bluetooth 4.0 ORICO company and it worked as it should.


Of course, the sound quality is what we pay in the first place when choosing headphones. And this sound I like the most today. Juicy high and deep, even to shivers creeping up the bass, makes me enjoy the music every day!

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Recently watched a movie about boxers, so there is the beats sounded so powerful and expressive, I dodged the right side and the left!))) And Formula 1 races more interesting to watch and games to play.

The manufacturer claims a frequency 16 Hz to 25 kHz and 116 dB of sensitivity at 16 Ohms impedance. Well, it is a great rezultaty!

My review and impressions

You probably already realized that buying I am very satisfied. Someone can argue to me: look, there must be some serious disadvantages, without them is never complete. There are headphones three to four times more expensive, do buy them for nothing and can completely replace the device for a measly 150 bucks?

Well… Do I have any serious flaws in Vinyl Plus not see. Maybe I’m blind or there is not enough music education, but they are really not from the point of view of ordinary layman-music lover! Yes, for someone to be the disadvantage of the inability to read memory cards, for someone to be minus micro-USB connector instead of coming he replaced the micro USB. For me it’s easy flaws and not the flaws. The most important thing is the sound, microphone, wireless connection quality, design and battery. All this on a solid Pyaterochka! If you have any complaints or bad experience of using «Vinyls», then write in the comments and I will personally read them, so I subscribed to the comments!

With them bought a sports headphone Bluedio … for$ 17, came with half a year ago in the same parcel, that to them, I described their claims in this review.

Plus or Premium?

On first impression from the names, Bluedio Premium must be better and more expensive than Bluedio Plus, but it is actually quite the opposite!

«Pros» are more unconventional and unusual appearance with curled ear holders. «Premium» stick to the classic view for such devices.

In addition, they have a fundamentally different way of folding and Plus become more compact.

Unfortunately, to test the microphone at a premium in my case did not work, but to listen to the sound of both managed in the same store that I told above. So, this «heaven and earth». The cheaper «premium» at all, even not hold a candle to the expensive «pros». And the plastic quality is noticeably worse, so choose a PLUS version — you will not regret.

Where to buy

Well, first of all should pay attention to the official store of Aliexpress. If I need to purchase something remotely from China, I always first look for is the official representation. There is usually, and guarantee always works great because they care about the reputation of their brand, and the complete absence of running into fake or used the device.

Those who do not like to wait for a long delivery, you can look in local stores. Yes, this is quite a young brand, already present in conventional offline shops where you can touch and listen to. My first acquaintance with them that as an example. But keep in mind that a regular store in the city is the facilitator and there will be in any case more expensive although and will not have to wait. The choice is yours.