Bluedio Revolution headphones problem «Bluedio»

I turned on headphones Bluedio attention in the 2015th year. I do not remember what model I was so interested, but in the end I bought a little more expensive «soup» model of Revolution. Wanted, so to speak, to hold his personal revolution in terms of sound quality and comfort (they’re wireless, powered by technology «sinezub» Bluetoth).

Then they cost almost 100$ at the official representative of the company, Bluedio on Aliexpress. Now stand like, much cheaper, you can see for yourself on their page in Aliexpress here. Came quickly and was well Packed. By the way, the original packaging looks very expensive and «reputable», if I may say so.

The contents

  1. Overview
  2. The sound quality
  3. Microphone
  4. Pros
  5. Instructions for use
  6. Reviews
  7. Disappointment
  8. Video


The first thing that draws attention is a pretty view of headphones. Shiny side panels, shimmering in the name of the manufacturer and gonna the inscription «Revolution» on the headband.

However, when turned on, and the first connection via Bluetooth, I did not like very bright light on the right ear of the control buttons. And if home during the day no problem is not the cause, the night you really do look like an alien. In addition, I had the opportunity to fly in an airplane so the blue flashing working headphones in a dark cabin where everyone slept or tried to sleep, obviously greatly disturbed my neighbors in the chair.

The sound quality

The sound is also not particularly pleasing. Much cheaper ears K2000 (though wired), made it sound even better than these. Of course, the properties the manufacturer is listed is quite decent, but without the special equipment not to check.

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Another noticed thing: if you listen to music directly from a memory card, which can be inserted into the special slot for the microSD in the right section, the sound quality becomes much better. The same thing, if you listen through the wire of 3.5 mm, which also has a connector. But for some reason, power off the device, for example, when the battery through the wire to listen to anything fail.


The microphone is generally constituted conversation in this review. We can say that the microphone isn’t here. As I said one friend: «You hear so bad that the impression of your presence in a barrel, which is closed by the cover, and the ears Bluedio are within a few feet of her.»

Of course, Skype will hear you and even understand it, but it is only for emergency communication. For gamers and youtubers of every kind-help a quality brand not suitable.


Despite all the above disadvantages, it is possible to tell and about some of the pros. The main advantage is the battery, its really long enough. However, signaling messages on the residual charge level, start to go very loud and often only then, when it is only a few minutes of work. Before — solid silence.

Another plus — it’s quite a comfortable feeling when using. They are not much under pressure, does not weigh much and is quite snug to the ears. However, the sounds around mute is bad and you will hear included in next room TV or working near the fan.

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Instructions for use

Prousa this device for a long period of time, I created my own instruction, as the mother was English and Chinese and I didn’t read it.

Mating. The connection can be produced with multiple devices simultaneously. How many exactly — I don’t know, but with two I connected: with phone and laptop. For pairing the first time you press the round button in the middle of the control unit (aka power button) and hold it a few seconds (usually 7-8). After the first sound is not let go, you can only let go after the second.

Thus, starting the led to blink both red and blue in turn. At this time you need to enable on the device the signal transmitter device search and connect. The first time will be thrown off the driver with the device, so it can take up to a minute of time.

All subsequent connections occur in a matter of seconds. To increase or decrease the volume, use the up and down buttons are all on the same panel. To change the track on the memory card or listening music via wireless Bluetoth, just press the buttons on either side of the main power button. When working via the analog wire is 3.5 mm. such switching of the tracks is not happening.


First, the headphones seemed pretty decent for the money, if not particularly need a microphone and did not really bother strong blinking of the LEDs (some may even like it). But…

After a time on the shades (or whatever they’re called) started to fall off of the soft leather. Yes, it was leatherette, not genuine leather. In addition, around the rim started to have cracks of the plastic, which after a time began to turn into chipped and the plastic began to fall off in pieces.

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And, as a result, after a year of use cracked headband. Of course, I solved this problem with electrical tape, but you know, to go out in this device on the street no more.


So they began to look in two years:


Just tough! I thought I will never buy products from Bluedio, but I was wrong… in time still got their Vinyl product and it has not regretted. To read my review of Bluedio Vinyl you can visit.


Attention! This is a video taken in the beginning of use and then it was not known that with them will happen later.