Bluedio Ai — a review of sports headphones from Bluedio

I do a lot of sports. And all who share my passion, know that with music to do it much nicer and more efficient. Energetic music can make to give stronger and melodic makes it easier to relax with yoga, quiet running, etc.

That’s why I needed wireless Bluetooth earphones, suitable for sports. Such devices are called «headset for athletes», or simply «sport headphones».

When ordering on Aliexpress large head phones , Bluedio Vinyl, I couldn’t pay attention to other proposals of this company. I chose the Bluedio model AI$ 28, which I received in one package by EMS with the main order in two weeks. Here is the link for these headphones.

I will not say that I was greatly delighted with the choice, but disappointment they did not bring. Purely «mediocre» this garniture with a focus on sport and fitness. There are pluses and minuses that I now tell you…

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  • Stylish design;
  • Beautiful and durable packaging, which is not ashamed to give as a gift. Special hard case with cover on the magnet included and also the instruction at «normal» Russian;
  • Sane microphone, the interlocutors normally hear;
  • Pleasant to the touch material: soft rubber and soft plastic;
  • Special design allows them to stay securely in the ear canals even with constant jumping and sweating;
  • The ability to connect to multiple devices;
  • Good high frequency. Lovers of classical and relaxation music like;
  • Charged by a standard micro-USB, which is neatly closed with a rubber plug.

Perhaps this is all the pros, now let’s get to the cons…

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  • Weak, low frequency, powerful bass you will not find here. Fans of heavy music may not like;
  • Very weak battery. New work on the strength of 3 hours from full charge to shutdown, after half a year of usage hold for a couple of hours. On the battery the manufacturer has saved money, and perhaps her and put nowhere;
  • The volume buttons and on/off switch placed very close. Sometimes be confused.

By the way, now you can enjoy Ali full counterparts Apple Airpods, but on a normal «human» price. For example, there are model i7s, a very good option.


I find it hard to conclude, because of the headset Bluedio Ai left a mixed impression. On the one hand, the quality of materials is decent, the ears sit too clearly, «tightly» due to the special curved design and «whiskers».

But the battery… I’m Afraid after a year of use it will be enough maximum for one hour. Slightly smooths this moment fast charge and if take powerbank, it will be quickly recharged while resting between workouts.

The sound is also «mediocre». Bass enough, high enough. For listening, beach, classic and pop music will be fine, but for rock and «heavy» is clearly not enough. For audio books, lectures and conversations — no difference.

Clean sredneaziatskaja headset at an average price of without anyone the ideal. Perhaps you can find better for this price. Here is the link on different like headphones on Aliexpress.