Black women’s leather corset

I have long wanted to buy such a thing as a corset. In the shops at a normal corset price below 1000 rubles in our city there, but on the website aliexpress huge selection of corsets, this one I bought for $12.

Bought on the official page of the company SAYFUT on Aliexpress here. Package came 10 days before a coal tit Region. The size and the leather corset and panties.

Panties made of the same fabric as the corset, that is very dense.But I don’t think I will use them, as with all such corsets from Aliexpress they are more pointing that out some kind of mask a ninja than panties.

Sayfut black corset made from polyester, reminiscent of latex. Front clasp Busk with which to cope with the first time just didn’t work out. Then I began to slowly to cope with this mechanism, so button it up pretty quickly.

12 plastic bones to shape and support create the effect of a wasp waist.

Can back to surovatikha, but I’m comfortable front buttons to button.Sewn quality, not short, i.e., «ears» don’t look, if you are a woman with forms. By the way in the back there is an auxiliary fabric, it is for overweight women who want to wear a corset, then lacing stretched and the fabric is a continuation of the corset is obtained.

Verify with the grid size, I ordered size S. After fitting realised that I would like even less, but the size range is not allowed – the lacing has been tightened to maximum, and to tighten wanted more and more. My settings: 85 cm,-64cm, 90cm.That is, this model for me is not slimming at all.

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Just a corsage accessory. So on the very skinny not much drag, but still, look. By the way, due to its density it holds good tummy if you have one.

The advantages of the corset:

  • Looks very decent;
  • Shapes the waist, tummy holding back, no «drooping sides»;
  • Can be adjusted on the figure (separate top and bottom) due to the tape on the back;
  • Visually slimming;
  • Very high quality, though, and China.