Black Friday and cyber Monday sales on Aliexpress

What is Black Friday on Aliexpress?

This tradition came from the West, but now it has spread all over the world, because the Internet removes all boundaries.

In 2018 in China is also planned so in many online stores on November 23. Many Chinese manufacturers, suppliers, and sellers are grandiose sales — up to 60% off the regular price of the product.

First and foremost, discounts apply to:

  • Clothes, shoes and accessories;
  • Different female things;
  • For family, kitchen, home.animals and houses;
  • Even more than 20 categories.

The contents

  1. Ali and the other in 2018 — the date
  2. A few facts
  3. Cyber Monday

Ali and the other in 2018 — the date

Here is a link to a big sale on Black Friday in Ali in 2018. There can choose by category, desires, etc. It begins on 23 November and will last until Monday 26th inclusive. However, many of the most interesting products is likely to be sold out by Saturday 24.11 of this year.
But the other major portals sales not too late for the world the annual holiday shopping:

  • GearBest has created such suggestions on this page. Please note, new customers making their first order, we offer a coupon for first purchase from$ 100. To get it, you need to stay on the open website more than 2 minutes;
  • And here BangGood made his «BigBang» and also gives all new coupon for $ 100. The conditions are the same as above Giresta.

A few facts

  • The name «Black Friday» got the day in huge traffic jams on the streets of the United States. In addition, many workers take the weekend, and students and students simply skip classes;
  • Many hypermarkets arrange the sale, to purchase with the proceeds festive goods in large volume for the New year and Christmas.
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Cyber Monday

«Cyber Monday» was created especially for those office workers who are unable to appear on Friday earlier for discounts. Of course, it gets much less so as many are already sold out. However, a number of sellers specifically lays part of the «delicious deals» on him.

And Aliexpress will also be your «cyber» on the 26th of November here.

Good luck with your shopping and save more!