Binocular glasses magnifier with led light

Recently I discovered a new passion — diamond 3D mosaic. The only thing it is strained, it’s the small details and even the glasses in the evening it was difficult to exactly lay out the rhinestones.

Tried to use a magnifying glass, but it had to hold that slowed down the work. And what joy I experienced when I saw on Aliexpress glasses type magnifier with headband brand Alloet here on this page.

Attached 5 replaceable lens with different magnifications: 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.5. But that’s not all! The headset is equipped with two led lights that allow to create illuminated in the twilight, and embroidery covered the sighting.

I bought binocular glasses for $8.94 to Minsk and the item came by regular mail in three weeks.

The kit includes a magnifier with lights, headband, the box with five lenses, 2 earhook can be worn instead of bandages and manual (English and Chinese).

Batteries not included, must be purchased by 3 pieces AAA batteries («mizinchikov»). Assembly is not difficult, all easily attached, and the lens should be set by trial and error, since there are plenty to choose from.

Box is convenient for storing, for each part has its place. With these glasses the lens I have created 2 diamond «masterpiece», so I recommend them to the needle with a clear conscience. Can still advise the annular led lamp Yingnuost for extra spot lighting.


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