Bilateral women’s windbreaker

By the spring of this year I decided to prepare in advance, so in early February ordered Ali bilateral jacket, which I have long had your eye on. Found the cheapest option — $10.70 (620 rubles). At that time, I have expired coupons, so I without hesitation ordered this jacket.

To Novosibirsk the parcel was three weeks in the mail (from Aliexpress was sent three days after order) China post registered air mail. It was Packed in the packing package and mailing envelope. When I finally unpacked my jacket, I realized that China is China. Overall the product is good, but, if you look closer you can see, all minor issues.


The appearance of the coats, the side with the print

First I will tell about the cons. When viewing, you can easily see sticking out in many places thread. It’s certainly not critical, they can be cut, to burn, but it is important to note that there is also need to Tinker, so as only to cut the thread, the seam may blossom.

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The second negative I noticed was a more thorough — near the pocket was an obvious marriage. The seam is sewn crooked, because of this the jacket has a large crease. From a distance, maybe imperceptibly, but still not very nice.

The third drawback I’ve noticed is that the stitches on the light side, coats were traces of blue crayon, which marked the places where you need to flash a particular part. After washing, these marks have become less noticeable, but ultimately they did not wash out.

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The last of the basic errors of production were elastic at the waist. The sides of this jacket at the bottom are elastic bands, which, as I have suggested should be delayed, but it turned out that they were just sewn that I certainly disappointed. All these shortcomings may not be very noticeable, but together add up to one minus. I still paid, relying on the best quality. Because of this I had to open a dispute, following which, the seller, of course, money back in full.


It’s time to talk about the pros of my purchase. The most obvious plus is the feature for which I chose this model. And it consists in the fact that this jacket is reversible. How long I dreamed of this, but at the local stores, such models are either very expensive, or altogether absent. The second advantage – pleasant material.

Despite its cheapness, the jacket material is quite nice and, even without the sweaters, not «sticks» to the body. In addition, this fabric water and other fluids are not absorbed, and just flow through it, which is also considered a big plus.

Print closeup

The jacket itself is very lightweight. I think I can only wear in may, but in summer in cool weather, it is always possible to throw on top as jackets and protection from the wind. To her great Toyouth windbreakerwhen it’s cold or sweater Lossky, when warmer. Well, when all the heat it is possible and on a t-shirt or even top.

Since this jacket can be worn on both sides, then both sides have pockets. Pockets no buttons, no lock, but it is made so that it won’t fall out. I ordered size S, comparing the real size of the jacket with the dimensions listed by the seller, I can say that they matched exactly to the centimeter, without any errors. Growth 155 jacket the village freely, but can not say that it’s big. It looks quite stylish, besides, there are different variations of colors so you can choose for every taste.

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In the end, I can say that for those looking for an inexpensive lightweight jacket for spring — autumn, this thing fits perfectly. But if you want really high-quality product, which is also long you will last, you better look for more expensive analog best quality.

On the other hand, the seller on Aliexpress have returned the full amount after opening my dispute. I did not expect, just wanted to bargain and to return at least part of the cost, but I immediately returned all. Now I have a windbreaker that I got for free, and the Chinese learned a lesson and perhaps next time will be better to check sent items to the marriage.

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The sizes of the jackets from Aliexpress