Bikini swimsuit Womail

Ordered the summer swimsuit bikini brand Womail on Aliexpress via this link. The parcel was 9 days ePacket service.

The quality

The material is dense, high-quality, inside is white lining, flat seams, the distance is the same everywhere, in General, all that should be in a good bathing suit.

However, if you continue to watch, although the top flimsy, kept only due to the fact that perfectly matched the size of the chest circumference. I have a 74, I took a size S.


Color juicy, but a little different than the photo, more red-orange. The pattern is applied well, leaves clear, bright.

Style top the usual, but it fits me perfectly like I’ve sewn, but the hem did not like. Melting close everything) they Have a very wide front, this front appear folds that looks very ugly and uncomfortable. There is a sense that they are small. Although, if you take more, — even as knickers)

Wear these bottoms can, the kit looks good, but honestly, wearing just a couple of times. At the top protruded lining, each time not to correct her, carefully sew the fold to the seam. You can if you want to get the Cup, this made a slit in the lining. The swimsuit had taken at sea, after washing, not faded, never frayed.

In principle, the impressions are not that bad. A little different style at the bottoms, and it would be perfect because the colours are insanely beautiful (photos to confirm), especially in combination with tan.

I do not regret buying) I Can still recommend to watch bikini BeachShiny and other Lasperal, but the latter only for small Breasts.

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