Bike light on the handlebars MICCGIN

I really liked the lantern.

Very long chose, and did not know what to buy so the price was acceptable and the cost is not expensive.

Accidentally saw this lantern Chinese brand Miccgin on Aliexpress for 11$, after weighing all the «pros» and «cons», after reading the reviews, decided to stay on it.

The contents

  1. The appearance and quality of light
  2. Battery
  3. Conclusion

The appearance and quality of light

Looked at the photos more expensive than its price. And characteristics of good, because for the money, it has water resistance and light 2 modes + strobe (flashing). What more could you want for $ 11? The seller sent the item immediately, I ordered here on this page. Parcel came quickly, for 2 weeks.

Appearance bike flashlight very much, test it also not disappointed.

As it turned out the lantern shines an acceptable white light, no yellow no. For me, quite adequate light. Most likely there is the stated 400 lumens, to measure me nothing, but the look should be.

If you need more lumens, CREE original, it is possible to pay attention to the brand Boruit on Aliexpress. But there and the price tag is several times higher.

The mount is also a good rubber that is much easier plastic.

By the way, maybe not quite in the subject, but if you have a desire to make a conventional Bicycle bike motor, I can recommend you to read the review as I did the bike in one day from Chinese parts! So there is a front floodlight instead of a flashlight and it is much brighter, as real Cree led cooling via an aluminum radiator.

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Securely held on the wheel and not loose. So in this case I do not know what the disadvantages include the price and small appearance, brightness, mount — on top.


While the battery is not discharged until the end, so I can’t say how much it holds. While included 2 times in the evening and 2 hours exactly fulfilled.

The manufacturer reported capacity of 2200 mAh, which very much for of the led 400 lumen, should provide up to 8 hours. But then, how to use. The least consuming mode stroboscope is perfect for Biking in the daytime to be more visible to other vehicles and pedestrians.

Medium mode is good for Cycling at dawn and dusk, and at evening the roads with his traffic light. The maximum mode of light to complete darkness.

Charging the battery from the normal charging microUSB like almost all smartphones and phones today, plus the wire comes in the kit.


I can safely recommend the lights for the bike MICCGIN to purchase from the seller there is a lot of different options and models. Again, ordered on Aliexpress here.