Bicycle brake pads for Shimano

Hey, guys! I want to leave my review of I ordered brake volokolamke on the website «AliExpress». I think many cyclists will find it useful.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Sintered metal and why…
  3. Opinion
  4. Pros
  5. Indicators
  6. Summary

Where to buy

The problem that I encountered in connection with the need to replace the above expenditure of nodes is trivial, at least for a small town — range, and cost.

It was not what I need, time. As a compromise alternative to, say, the cost is unreasonably expensive, two. I’m not going to waste time on a description of the types brakes bikes, their pros and cons, I can only say that I have brakes hydraulic disc (Tektro Auriga Aquila) and those who exploit similar to the one in the subject.

To order the required Russian sites Shimano did not see the point, as, in addition to not much different in the direction of benefit from the prices that the stores, more would have to significantly overpay for shipping. At the same time, with regard to Beloruskaya and accessories, I am generally very skeptical (and are) to Chinese resources such as Ali.

Ordered before the Bicycle seat and to be honest were not happy. However, pads the picture is pleasantly different.

Sintered metal and why…

In General, based on operational indicators such as: overheating, modulation, durability, noise — in relation to price, my compromise is pads, sintered metal.

Yes, there are right those who say the best performance characteristics of ceramic volokolamke, but since I don’t operate a bike in the winter, and ride not intense (I have no problem with overheating brake system) and are not willing to spend on consumables more than a certain amount during the season (and the most expensive ceramic pads), my choice is metal.

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  • these tough pads to capture and modulation, which for me personally is a plus. They are equally «caught» in the rain, in heat and in snow;
  • Put them and long forgotten. For Cycling on peresechenke the most.

Organic pads generally do not discuss, they «fly» only in this way their characteristics are worse than the metal and ceramic. Although they are available to order, keep in mind.

  • Output range: it should be noted that there is everything you need and organics, and ceramics, and metal;
  • Conclusion: I bought these for 840,02 RUB with free shipping.

And here an important point: if the store of my city I found a semimetal (not sintered metal) at a price of 1500P. For a pair (!), the consideration for 840р. I got 4 pairs!


Now to the most important to performance, in fact:

  • Skated season and did not notice a difference at all compared to «the firm»! Here, in General, and the main review;
  • Got what I expected — recovery properties of the brakes to a level that was at the time of purchase of the bike. But if there is no difference, as they say, why pay more? Rhetorical…


  1. Price +
  2. Quality+
  3. Range+
  4. Shipping (and its price)+

Oh, I forgot, came quickly, before the CFA was in the region of 20 days. Again, ordered from the official suppliers of spare parts for Shimano products on Aliexpress here.

By the way, fans of the bike can you recommend another from the same from China thermal underwear (set), the lantern on the wheel Miccgin, as well as detailed instructions on how to turn any ordinary two-wheeled friend, the Bicycle!

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