Because laser Lescolton

Being the owner of the device Lescolton, I want to tell, is it effective and is it OI to take. But first I’ll tell you why I decided to buy this technique.

It’s very simple: I have not found a suitable method of hair removal. After shaving machines sometimes irritation, and the effect was barely enough before the end of the day.

The hair removal cream had the best score, but it was expensive, and enough tube for several times. Electric epilator broke her hair, not removing them from the root, plus has been painful. Wax and sugar hair removal has captured the hairs entirely, but sometimes I couldn’t stand the pain during the procedure.

In the end, I ordered the laser device Lescolton T009 at your own risk because of the reviews online have not been, and on Aliexpress, they were from the Opera «the parcel arrived, and everything worked.» It cost me 70$, it’s three weeks in one piece. Bought here on this page.

The contents

  1. Equipment
  2. Quality
  3. Power 36 Watt
  4. In the — instructions for use
  5. The result and efficiency of use
  6. Video


Set the laser device consisted of instructions, goggles, power adapter, two lamps and directly to the appliance.

Manual was only in English, but written in plain language, contains illustrations, contains much useful information.

Protective glasses made of green plastic with a metal jumper to the bridge of the nose. Mount — gum. Tend to fog up.

The power adapter has a set of adapters for all sockets, including the European type CEE 7/16.

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I chose the complete set of two lamps, one of which — epilator accessory snap onto standard I (yellow), and the other red is intended for photorejuvenation.


The housing of the laser device Lescolton made of durable, slightly rough plastic. Silver inserts — also plastic. By the way, over time, they have not peeled off and not faded.

All laser the device has two buttons. One is located on top, is responsible for enabling and switching power. The second button located on the handle, is responsible for the flash mode toggle, as well as for the replacement lamps.

Lescolton T009 has no display, but the indicators on top and sides is enough for comfortable work.

Power 36 Watt

First a little theory. Today the capacity of the epilator is made to count in joules per second per centimeter square. However, Escalona this information is nowhere was not specified, and the figure I easily found myself.

It is important to know voltage and amperage of the device. Obtained: 24 Volts times 1.5 Amps, we obtain 36 Watt. As a window lamp, we have 4 cm2, then divide 36 by 4. It turns out that the power impulse in Lescolton 9 jcm2.

Lamp hair removal for up to 300 000 flashes, and rejuvenating — 150,000 flashes. Thus the range of waves they differ: for hair removal use the entire range of the spectrum from green to the infrared, while rejuvenating covers only red and a little infrared.

In the — instructions for use

When enabled, the laser device hair power exhibited by one. Since I have light skin, I set the maximum power level for all zones. Initially, for the bikini and underarm I placed a third power, but it was not enough, and the result was manifested more slowly.

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On small areas I use manual mode, and on his feet already turning on the machine. In the latter case, there is no need each time to press the button. To recharge the lamp takes 3.5 seconds. Pulse is only in the case that the lamp pressed firmly against the skin. Even for objects the sensor is not responsive.

Moles I have a bit of them I just walk around the dark — just leave a small rough square. Silicone pads and pencils masking do not use.

The result and efficiency of use

The first few times it seemed to me that the effect will not occur. The only thing I felt is the heat from the flash and a bit of singed hair.

I used the device twice a week, with the length of the hair to a few millimeters, no extra lotions and gels. Three weeks already saw the first bald spots and slow hair growth.

I continued the procedure with the same frequency, and two months later on his feet left a couple of hairs and no need for shaving machine. And after three or four months left vegetation with underarm and bikini area.

In the end, I now use a laser device hair Lescolton every two weeks. New hair periodically hatch, but mm doesn’t grow back. There is no irritation or burns never had.

I can say that the machine I was perfect, I was satisfied. Again: bought a laser device Lescolton on Aliexpress here.