BDF tablet with 10 inch screen

In the spring, in April 2018, I decided to make mom a gift for his birthday. As it is your previous tablet broke 3 months ago, to think about the gift did not last long. Looking and comparing prices, I decided to order a tablet with Aliexspress.

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Where to buy and shipping

The choice fell on the Chinese gadget company BDF. Reviews about the tablet were a lot of — mostly positive. The store salesman who offered to buy it, Aliexspress is valid for 2 years and has a high rating, which is called trust. Bought from the official representative of the brand BDF here.

The site also presented many pictures of the tablet. After analyzing the parameters, the device will suit me. Also pleased with the price, which at the time of purchase was 5 350,72 of the ruble. It was decided to order this device. Paying for purchases by credit card, I waited for your tablet.

Throughout the delivery of information messages on Aliexspress I was talking to a salesman named Lilu. Exactly 10 days later the telephone rang. I was contacted by the courier about the parcel from China. I dictated the address where to bring. In an hour the parcel was from me, and it was a tablet!

The package consisted of several thick bubble bags. No plate, no box in transit is not affected. All was intact. The parcel was complete. There were: the tablet, charger and gold case as a gift. Protective tape has been neatly taped to the gadget.

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The tablet has a Golden color (the site was still black and white). High quality plastic, factory Assembly, the name of the company on the back of the device and no chips. The case is the same colour as the plate.

Turning on the device, I connected it to wi-fi. The signal is grabbed immediately. The Internet is pretty fast, not buggy. The tablet supports only 3G.


Android installed version 6.0. Language of the interface Russian. Not had anything in the settings to rearrange.

Screen size is 10 inches, which is quite suitable for watching videos and reading books. The display for this value clearly transmitted color. Who matter the screen resolution it is 1280×800. The viewing angle is excellent.

The tablet’s Quad-core processor manufactured by MTK. To view videos from YouTube and games performance capacity enough.

RAM for the tablet is 4 GB that allows games and programs to run immediately, without any delays. Can simultaneously operate multiple applications. Checked.

Its internal memory is 32 GB. The tablet has slots for 2 SIM cards and one for memory card up to 64 GB. The device can be used as a phone or for Skype calls, which is very convenient.

The camera is weak: the main leaves 5 MP, front 2 MP. The first chamber can be removed only in daylight. Get a good photo.

Battery power, the application manufacturer is 5000 mAh. The tablet lasts for 24 hours with active use. Also suggest for him to buy a pair of headphones type of i7s that are the perfect copy of Apple earbuds, only 10 times cheaper, see review here. Well, fans of high-quality sound, you may need outdoor wireless Bluetoth column. Compact kolodochka Zealot S5 — will be a great option.

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Tablet use over 7 months, no complaints. Ordered a second tablet the aunt and thinking to take.

Based on vysheskazannogo, this model is going to both themselves and the children. Great value and quality. The cost for such a tablet in Russia with the listed characteristics is not found. Similar models have a price tag of 10 000 thousand rubles. So feel free to order and don’t doubt the quality!

Again, better to buy from the official representative of the BDF on Aliexpress here.