Batteries «AA» brand ZNTER charging from USB

Specifically looking for a similar product on Aliexpress. I tired to buy batteries. Especially always forget to do it, and run a second time to the shop is not desirable.

So often homes are worth a watch, not working mouse, and toys children often beg batteries.

Anyone have the same problem as me, I advise you to buy this product – rechargeable batteries. Now such goods a dime a dozen.

The contents

  1. Pros
  2. Where to buy
  3. Video and testing


Sold with a desktop charger. But it is not very convenient. In these batteries ZNTER has a USB input. Therefore, they can be recharged from any source: computer, laptop, and a normal charge to the phone. Bought on this page on Ali.

Better to buy at once 4 pieces. Three can work, and one spare charging. Then you will always be with energy) in addition, the rechargeable battery is a solid economy. I calculated that the payback period is 1 to 2 months. And after that you just need not to forget to charge them.

And I would like to say I always feel bad when throwing away used batteries in the trash. Know it harms our environment.

You can, of course, be attributed to a collection point for used batteries. But there still needs to be reached, and it is not always convenient and close to home. So I advise everyone to buy such a product. To spend money once on the original ZNTER, but then you will feel the necessity of this product.

Where to buy

Here is the link to the websitewhere you can buy them. Store name: cncool 4px Store — there are other variations of penlight batteries (AA) and mizinchikov (AAA).

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The parcel was sent quickly, the very next day. Track to track. The product was about a month, but for me it is not critical.

I can still recommend a great «magnetic» cable to charge any smartphone, whether Android or Apple IPhone. To check the batteries you can use a multimeter DT-9205M, and indeed he’s home is always useful. Well, for the most advanced is a multifunctional smart universal charger iMax B6.

Video and testing

The video is not mine, just found on the Internet, but there all is told correctly: