Bags type G for vacuum cleaners BOSCH

As the use of vacuum cleaner BOSCH BSGL 52531, original bags that came in the kit, ended and had to find a new one. The official manufacturer of the vacuum cleaner offered the original dust bag for this model at a price of about$ 8 apiece.

The hardware store was more affordable counterparts in price from$ 4 apiece. Because it’s always the house even counterparts, they cost a tidy sum. As always came to the aid of the website Aliexpress. Here managed to find a set of bags type G of 10 pieces per 11,39$ with free shipping through this link.

Not finding the description specifically for my model of vacuum, 27.10.2018 at your own risk made the order. The seller very quickly sent the package, which is prior to receipt of monitored on site.

After 21 days got their bags Bosch and was very pleased. The bags were well Packed, all whole, without defects and odor. When compared with the original turned out to be larger than 10 percent and with a smaller hole for the dust pipe.

The latter is easily corrected by cutting a thin foam rubber in the hole. For operation differences was not affected. The vacuum cleaner is fit as a family.

Suggest for all vacuum cleaners, the BOSCH dust bags type G.

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